SVG Still One Of The Safest Countries In the World

In delivering the keynote address at the Police Force annual awards ceremony, Minister of National Mobilization, Hon. Frederick Stephenson described his unwavering support for the RSVPF since he began his career at the Magistrates Court.

He commended the organization for its tremendous contribution in maintaining law and order in SVG.

The minister expressed that amidst the many challenges faced by the constabulary, they are still able to combat the criminal elements whose aim is to sully and degrade our country.

The minister also used the opportunity to congratulate the organization’s recent recruits for choosing policing as a career and encouraged them to aspire to become excellent members of the organization.

Minister Stephenson also made mention of the recent addition to the Coast Guard Fleet, the Captain Mulzac, a 140ft. vessel which aims to increase the capacity of the SVG Coast Guard Service in securing our nation’s borders.

He also recognized the work of the Police in bringing the perpetrators of criminal activities to justice as well as the preventative measures taken by the constabulary to ensure that the incidence of homicides is reduced.

Minister Stephenson concluded his remarks by assuring the nation’s citizens that SVG is still one of the safest countries in the world as a result of the selfless service of the RSVPF.


  1. Say that again! “SVG Still One Of The Safest Countries In the World”! Which soporific dream world of his fantasy is Minister of National Mobilization, Frederick Stephenson had in mind?

    One assumes that he has never travelled outside of South America or even SVG for that fact, to have arrived at such a half-baked conclusion!

  2. Dreamland I will say. If you were to extrapolate on the basis of population. It will be shown that we have one other highest homicide rate in the world. Last year there were over 45 if you were to count the number of missing persons who are deemed to be dead.

  3. I wonder if the minister saw the news that tourisk robbed in Cathedral in Kingstown. He said it’s a safe place.

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