SVG Remains On The CDC Zika Travel Advisory List

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It may not be spoken about anymore or in some cases total disappeared from the rather screen. However, the US Centers For Disease Control is still warning travellers to several Caribbean nations about the Zika virus especially as they head into the summer.

St Vincent is among the 37 Caribbean countries that remain on the CDC’s travel advisory list as a “Level 2” alert, which advises travellers to “Practice Enhanced Precautions.”

The CDC on March 10, 2017, updated its travel advisory for the islands, stating that 31 Caribbean countries including the US territories are infected with Zika virus

The warning according to some tourism officials in the region, could lead to a significant decrease in tourist arrivals from the US during the summer months.

CDC  is urging pregnant women or those trying to become pregnant to avoid travel to the countries of the list and warning travellers who do travel to the region to use condoms or not have sex during their trip since sexual transmission of the Zika virus is possible.