SVG Prison Population Now 472, 98 On Murder Charges


The final sitting of the High Court Criminal Session 2018 came to a close on Monday December 17th, 2018.  During a brief ceremony remarks were made by presiding judge Brian Cottle and Acting Director of Public Prosecution Sagilla McDowall.

Justice Cottle took time out to specially thank the jury who were all present in court for the significant role they played during the sitting which lasted for over eleven weeks.

 He pointed out further that without the jury the justice system cannot be operational and that when the jury was sleety to adjudicate over a trial they did so in an efficient manner.  He also urged them to continue in such a manner.


Meanwhile, the population of both Prison Facility now stands at 472 inmates.  Among them there are 20 females.

This was disclosed during the ceremony by Superintendent of Prison Brenton Charles when he delivered the jail status.

He also disclosed that there are 43 persons serving time for gun-related offences, 98 persons on murder charges, 21 for attempted murder charges, 12 for manslaughter charges, 12 for rape charges, 25 for unlawful sexual intercourse among others.

There are also 11 non-nationals in custody for various offences.

Patrick Lovelace is the lone prisoner on death row who was convicted and sentenced to death several years ago for the death of a female Sion Hill panist Lokiesha Nanton.

High Court Criminal Session is expected to continue on January 15th, 2019.