The St Vincent and the Grenadines Port Authority (SVGPA), after placing second in 2015 and 2016, was able to capture the 2017 title of the Most Improved Port among the sixteen (16) member Ports of the Port Management Association of the Caribbean (PMAC). The award was granted at the just concluded 21st Annual General Meeting of PMAC, held in Dunn’s River, Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

The Nova Port Cup award, as it is known, was awarded to the SVG Port Authority for improvements based on comparative cargo volumes, operational efficiency, standards and best practices over the previous year’s performance. Additionally, the SVGPA was only narrowly beaten by the Port of Antiqua into second place for the Caribbean Maritime University’s (CMU) award for the Port that has dedicated the most resources (revenue and time) to training its personnel for the period.

Chief Executive Officer of the SVGPA, Mr. Bishen John, indicated that achieving the award is the result of the combined efforts of a dedicated staff, coupled with effective Corporate Government from the Minister of Air and Sea Ports Development and the Council of the SVGPA. Mr. John indicated that is was indeed an honor for him to have led the Port Authority to this great achievement at a time when significant investment is being undertaken in port development as well as the training and development of staff members.

Mr. Clayton Burgin, Chairman, of the SVG Port Authority emphasized the importance for Managers to appreciate the work done by the general staff and to have a continued focus on training and personal development, as he collected the trophy on behalf of the workers.

The SVGPA has been focused on improving the organisation’s internal culture, the internal atmosphere at the workplace and the efficiency with which it operates; to date various policy changes have been made and the SVGPA is in the final stages of the development of a Terminal Operation System (TOS) that would see seamless transfer of information between the SVGPA and the Customs and Excise Department. This TOS would bring further efficiency to the clearance of cargo as well as aid in the collection of current data for proper decision making.

PMAC ( ) is a nonprofit organization with its main priorities being to improve the proficiency of member ports and the quality of services offered to their users, specifically through the facilitation of relevant training designed to maximize human resources, develop workers’ competencies, and meet the ever increasing challenges of the global environment. The St.Vincent and the Grenadines Port Authority ( is one of the founding members of PMAC.


  1. This is a great achievement for our beautiful Island.
    We have a lot to offer visitors. We still have a long way to go. Our customers service needs improvement and we need to tidy up Our capital not just for tourists bit for the inhabitants. We need to educate everyone to improve on house keeping.Have pride in what they do and be proud to be a Vincentian.

  2. Here are some of my concerns and issues:
    1. What were the requirements to qualify for this award?
    2. Who made the decision to make SVG Port the recipient of this award?
    3. Was this non-profit organization lobbied to deliver this award?
    4. Did the SVG Port and or the Government of SVG make a handsome donation to this organization to deliver the award?
    5. How much does Clayton Burgin get paid to be Chairman of the SVG Port?
    6. How many barrels come into the port by ULP supporters that are not searched and they do not pay duty? and
    7. Does the SVG Port apply different rules for the ULP supporters?
    8. Why Ralph and the ULP do not make public statements about me?
    Ricardo Francis, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Waiting and in the Making

  3. It is the Port Authority that has stopped the theft of many items after Customs has detained those goods. For that alone I appreciate the Port Authority. I have known many people that almost lost their imports by tricks performed by a few in the Customs department. The Port Authority is the brick wall that kept these items at least in a general area (the ports) where they mostly are found before Customs is able to auction them off as “unclaimed”, of course some in Customs get first chance at the items and they go into particular peoples possession before the public has a chance to even see them. Those of you that are told your items never arrived….guess again!

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