SVG Opposition Party Application To Inspect Election Ballots Dismissed

Opposition supporters awaiting the outcome of the court hearing. Photo News784

Kingstown, St Vincent, By Ernesto Cooke

Justice Esco L. Henry sitting in open Court on Tuesday 27th February 2018, dismissed the application of the Petitioners Benjamin Exeter and Lauron Baptiste to inspect the ballot boxes in Central Leeward.

Justice Henry first considered the motion by the Respondents that the 2017 application of the Petitioners is an abuse of process of the court.

Considering the grounds of the 2017 application to inspect the ballots one by one, Justice Henry ruled that  several of the grounds mirrored the grounds of the unsuccessful 2015 motion by the Petitioners, which was previously dismissed by Justice Brian Cottle.

Further, the Petitioners had an opportunity to raise the additional grounds which they raised in the 2017 application, in the 2015 application to inspect.

She also considered the merits of these additional grounds, but found that the application was an abuse of the process of the court and dismissed the application of the Petitioners.

The Petitioners Benjamin Exeter and Lauron Baptiste will pay the costs of the Respondents to be assessed.

Both Exeter and Baptiste contested the 2015 election as opposition candidates, Exeter in Central Leeward and Baptiste in the North Windward constituency.


  1. So, tell me why it took so long — three months — to reach such a straightforward decision?
    At this pace, the final decision, based on appeals by both sides whatever happens, first to the Court of Appeal and then to the Privy Council in England, would not happen before the next election that must take place before the end of 2020!
    Meanwhile, an equally complicated and very similar electoral matter in the United States in the 2000 presidential election contest between Al Gore and George W. Bush took only a few days to be decided by the Supreme Court ( ).
    If the same set of electoral issues ever occurred in Great Britain, the home of our constitution and many of our laws, it would have also been disposed of in a few days or weeks.
    What a sh**hole part of the world we live in with sh**hole justices and sh**hole lawyers!

  2. Those Ndp people why they don’t go and find something constructive to do with them self they full of it.

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