1. Leacock are you a prophet? I rebuke you in the name of Jesus the true and risen Lord who says that no Vincentian will die from Covid-19. Stop instill fear in the hearts and minds of the Vincentian populace. Further more, stop play politics with this whole thing. Twenty Thousand Vincentian, you think you talking about 20 people.

  2. Bill Johnny, he said two thousand but, he’s very irresponsible to make a public declaration like that based on what some foreign person (s) told him.If indeed he was that,from his vantage point, he should not have repeated that ignorance…false prophet of doom and gloom, we reverse your rhetoric

  3. Jacob Stapleton, Here in the UK our politicians were slow in realising how devastating this virus is. It can be spread by people who show no symptoms, when they move from home to work to a bar, using a bus, train or plane, they can infect a very large number of people, who then pass the virus on to many more. There is no limit to this progression of the disease unless you isolate everyone. We are now in shutdown, everything is shut except foodstores and pharmacies. We are banned from leaving our homes except for food and short local exercise. My friend went to a supermarket yesterday, then later in the day went back for another item. He was stopped by the police and fined. His car registration had been noted so his second trip was tracked. This is worldwide and deadly, listen to your politicians, medical experts, police, everyone is sharing information to help each other. Mr Leacock was not wrong to make that announcement which should be taken seriously. People must keep away from
    other people. This is a worldwide threat to every person on the planet and must not be confused with politics, there’s no room here for trying to gain political points, it’s about saving human lives.

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