SVG Observes World Hygiene Day

St Vincent and the Grenadines joins the rest of the world in celebrating World Hygiene Day May 5th. The day is being observed under the theme “Fighting Antibiotic Resistance – It is in Your Hands”.

According to Dr Jose Davy, Registrar at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and Head of the Infection Control Unit said the day is aimed at encouraging persons to reduce associated healthcare infections and prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance microorganisms.

Each year the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign aims to progress the goal of maintaining a global profile on the importance of hand hygiene in health care and to ‘bring people together’ in support of hand hygiene improvement globally.

“The fight against antibiotic resistance is in your hands” is the motto of this year’s campaign, led by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is estimated that 61% of health workers around the world do not sanitise their hands when necessary and that 1.4 million people daily contract infections in health care services.

“Infections associated with medical represent the most frequent adverse occurrence in Latin America during hospital care,” said Jonas Gonseth-Garcia, PAHO/WHO advisor on quality I health systems and services.  “These can be avoided with hand hygiene,” he added.

According to the WHO, good hand hygiene is integral to building strong, resilient health systems for whatever situation arises.

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