SVG Internet Society To Host Community Consultation

The Internet Society St. Vincent & the Grenadines Chapter will be hosting a community consultation in connection with plans to design an internet community network for farmers in the Veryvine area of the Vermont Valley.

A community survey was done in order to assess needs and get an overall picture of how connected the farmers are.

This is part of the ISOC SVG’s Chapterthon initiative. The Chapterthon is a global Internet Society Chapters marathon, where all Internet Society Chapters can participate by developing a project within a timeline to achieve a common goal for the development of the Internet.

For 2019, Chapter projects will help Connect the Unconnected — Because every last person on the planet is part of having an Internet for “everyone”, and we won’t rest until each person has the option of choosing to be connected.

Our world is more digitally connected than ever before – yet barriers still remain for half of the world’s population who are unconnected.

To address this, we’re working with communities around the world to bring some of the hardest-to-reach places online.

The local ISOC chapter is pleased to bring this service free of charge to the farming residents of the Veryvine community.

The consultation will be held at the Mt. Bethel Spiritual Baptist Church beginning at 5:00 p.m.  All farmers and workers of the community are invited.

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