SVG Government Reduces Departure Tax by 50% For CARICOM Passport Holders

Departure tax for CARICOM passport holders traveling within the region has been temporarily reduced by 50 percent.

This announcement was made in Kingstown on Wednesday by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

Speaking on NBC radio on Wednesday he said the reduction came into effect on Monday, June 15.

“I had announced that in order to encourage regional travel, we will reduce the US$40 Departure Tax to 20,” Gonsalves told listeners.

“Well as of the 15th of June, it’s amended by deleting EC$100, and substituting EC$50 or US$20.”

In March, the Prime Minister stated that this concession would be limited to Vincentian passport holders and CARICOM passport holders traveling within CARICOM.


  1. I am pleased, a good move Mr PM. I am sure this will ease the pockets of all Vincentians. Always thought the cost was a bit too steep. Things are already tough.

    I hope other Caricom neighbours will execute such a consideration.

    Look forward to lower LIAT fares all around as well.

  2. Well don’t wait on Barbados that would only happen in Barbados when blackbird turn white Barbados is the only place during the pandemic that the government have given the people nothing back as far as reductions in bills or anything of the sort like how some of the neighbours would ease the Taxes at Christmas time on on barrels from wherever no such thing will happen in Barbados

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