SVG donates US$100,000 to BVI, Antigua-Barbuda

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be assisting residents in the northern Leeward Islands of Antigua & Barbuda and the British Virgin Islands, following the passage of Hurricane Irma.

Gonsalves on Friday while speaking on WEFM said, the government will be sending 50,000 US dollars to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and 50,000US dollars to Antigua and Barbuda to aid in the relief efforts in those islands.

Technical personnel from here will be sent to assist with the reconstruction works to be undertaken in Barbuda, this Gonsalves said following arrangements between Prime Minister Browne of Antigua and the Government of SVG.

According to Prime Minister Gonsalves, significant monies will be needed to assist with the reconstruction of Barbuda.


  1. Call me a cynic if you must but were on earth did we find US$100,000 to give away? Did we suddenly find this large sum of money down the back of the Sofa?

    I know that we ought to help one another when difficulties arrive but the last time I looked, The British Virgin Islands were British Overseas Territories whose citizens are deemed to be citizens of the EU as well.

    One can understand it when we give some small assistance to Antigua and Barbuda, and I say small, not as much as US$50,000, it is hard enough here but Aid to EU Citizens as well, when we find ourselves begging even from the poorest in the world to pay our bills, is pushing it a bit far!

    Am I missing something here?

    • Dear Sir, you are missing your ability to be reasonable and logical. Since when being poor means we can’t make contributions to others in need regardless to their nationality or the wealth of the nations in question?

  2. …. and might I add – there are several Vincentians residing in the British Virgin Islands that were impacted by Irma that will benefit from any aid we receive from the UK and other countries willing to render aid. So thank you Mr. Gonsalves for digging in the sofa to come up with the $100,000 as James H. has implied.

  3. The British treasury with its extensive stock of wealth can well afford whatever it may cost to deal with any and every humanitarian relief the Islanders need. Equally, The EU of which the British State is part of, is the second richest trading block in the entire world, so what on earth is this gesture politics all about?

    Heart my dear Ruby has nothing at all to do with this matter! There are over a One Hundred thousand Vincentians in our small impoverished state, many of whom have been suffering gross needs for many a year and without relief, thus sending volunteers to help in any relief effort is one thing, charity surely begins at home. One cannot give away that which one does not have!

    I repeat, Charity must first begin at home! Britain on its own is the fifth richest nation on earth, the EU for its part has within its ranks Germany, Italy, France and Britain, their being part of the G6 nations, the six richest nations on this earth, so do not tell me nonsense about heart! Charity begins first at home!

    What are we showing off about? We as a nation have nothing to give others but our labour! Here is a thing! we are following the example of Nichalas Maduro who offered assistance to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in the U.S. to the tune of US$5 million.

    While the dictatorship gives away $5 Million to the United States, the richest nation on earth, Venezvelans are eating Dogs to stay alive, as confirmed in a tweet by Javier Chirinos! For sure man’s best friend, the Dog, is now on Venezuelans dinner plate!

    As of June this year, 62 per cent of Venezuelan families could not afford eggs, 66 per cent could not afford meat, and just 34 per cent had the money to even buy margarine or cooking oil. Yet Maduro sends $5 million to assist Americans!

    Charity my dear Ruby should begin at home! In April of this year, 11.4 per cent of Children in vulnerable areas of Venezuela were experiencing acute malnutrition, according to the Washington Post.

    A third of families said that they were resorting to emergency strategies such as eating from bins, having their children beg for food or selling essential items in their homes.

    Last month, a Zoo in the city of Maracaibo near the Colombian border reported that animals were being stolen by the starving local population. The head of the Zulia Metropolitan Zoological Park in Maricabo said theft in recent weeks had affected ten species in the Zoo.

    Here is gesture politics at its best! We just need to get our priorities right!

  4. What you are saying is ten bags of foolishness. You just blowing hot air,America is one of the richest countries on the planet why do they accept help from Venezuela. Fool no matter how big and mighty you are people don’t refuse help and please tell the truth where the 5 million dollars came from that Maduro sent to the states.

  5. Champ by name but dunce by nature! Learn to research information Champ, it would improve your very poor knowledge.

    Maduro is being accused of stealing from the Government treasury by a former Government Law Officer who have now ran from the country!

    Further, the sad fact is, rather than spend this most needed US$5 Million on starving Venezuelan families who have now resorted to eating “stray Dogs” Zoo animals and their pets, he is desperately trying to make friends in the U.S in the vain that somehow he could avoid an American Military Invasion, but the Americans would not have to invade Venezuela to put him back in his box, the Venezuelan people will soon do that.

  6. James still doesn’t change the fact that your comment at this time was heartless and very insensitive. We are talking about the immediate lives of HUMAN BEINGS needing immediate relief. No need to get all in your feelings and write a novel bc I’m not reading it and I’m over you and your ignorance. Signing off and reclaiming my time … BYE!!!

  7. Words are what we humans use to communicate ideas and pass on information by dear Ruby! However lazy dullards often find their usage rather burdensome and that cannot be helped.

    My point is that The British now having over one thousand soldiers on the ground in the affected area, plus their medics and engineers and having spent over EC$130 million on Aid supplies for the inhabitants, one do not think you have a valid case.

    Moreover the French and the Dutch are proving themselves to be equally as adept at dealing with all eventuality in the situation, just like the British.

    Our grandstanding is totally the product of utter grandiose delusion by our Prime Minister! It is tantamount to a bush sparrow waking up and thinking that it is a Bald Eagle. utterly pathetic!

    We beg our way around the world for income support and yet we are truly blind to the real extent of our very poverty!

  8. James H, you really need to practice what you preach about researching your information before shooting your mouth off. Citizens of the British Virgin Islands are not European Union citizens (nor are those of Anguilla, Montserrat, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda or the Turks and Caicos Islands). The only British overseas territory that is part of the EU is Gibraltar, and only Gibraltar citizens are European Union citizens.

  9. I have done my research Ken Begnall and according to the British Foreign Secretary, British Overseas Territories Citizens are British Citizens and it thus follows that British Citizens are as such for all intent and purpose EU Citizens. If Boris Johnson meant to say that they technically are EU Citizens, that is neither her nor there for me.

    All French Overseas Territories are a department of France and France is a member of the EU. It therefore follows that French Overseas Citizens are Citizens of the EU. No enquiry made of the Dutch but one assumes that they too have similar policies.

    However, if this is all your concern, as to if EU members take their overseas territories Citizens well-being seriously, the proof of the pudding is in the eating! You can judge for yourself by the quality of their action.

    These three countries have swung into action with a huge Aid delivery to all of the affected Islands. Indeed Borish Johnson has said that the British have delivered so far 20 tonnes of Aid, have put 1000 UK Troops on the ground, 50 Police Officers, necessary medics with the British Red Cross engaged in further Cash and Aid supplies collection and according to the British Foreign Secretary Aid delivery will be made to all affected Islands, British Overseas Territories or not.

    The real question for us Ken Bagnall is this, with so much Aid being delivered by these EU three to the affected Islands, be they British, French, Dutch or independent Islands, why is SVG’s scarce resource being sent there as well?

    The answer for me is quite simple and it is that Ralph Gonsalves is just grandstanding! The King makes the decision as he sees fit to show his importance! Our own continuing needs are but secondary to his delusional grandeur!

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