SVG donates US$100,000 to BVI, Antigua-Barbuda

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be assisting residents in the northern Leeward Islands of Antigua & Barbuda and the British Virgin Islands, following the passage of Hurricane Irma.

Gonsalves on Friday while speaking on WEFM said, the government will be sending 50,000 US dollars to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and 50,000US dollars to Antigua and Barbuda to aid in the relief efforts in those islands.

Technical personnel from here will be sent to assist with the reconstruction works to be undertaken in Barbuda, this Gonsalves said following arrangements between Prime Minister Browne of Antigua and the Government of SVG.

According to Prime Minister Gonsalves, significant monies will be needed to assist with the reconstruction of Barbuda.


  1. What you are saying is ten bags of foolishness. You just blowing hot air,America is one of the richest countries on the planet why do they accept help from Venezuela. Fool no matter how big and mighty you are people don’t refuse help and please tell the truth where the 5 million dollars came from that Maduro sent to the states.

  2. James still doesn’t change the fact that your comment at this time was heartless and very insensitive. We are talking about the immediate lives of HUMAN BEINGS needing immediate relief. No need to get all in your feelings and write a novel bc I’m not reading it and I’m over you and your ignorance. Signing off and reclaiming my time … BYE!!!

  3. Dear Sir, you are missing your ability to be reasonable and logical. Since when being poor means we can’t make contributions to others in need regardless to their nationality or the wealth of the nations in question?

  4. You could not put it any better SVG have some heart less People that does not think country first then politics.

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