SVG Bureau Of Standards Launches Certification Unit

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards launched a National Quality Policy, as a means of strengthening its capacity – to monitor and control the quality of goods and services produced locally.

A release from the Agency for Public Information says the creation of the new policy is also part of a broader regional program, undertaken by UKAID through its Commonwealth Standards Network (CSN) Project in conjunction with the British Standards Institution (BSI), and seeks to build resilient quality infrastructure within Caribbean countries.

Permanent secretary within the Ministry of Agriculture Raymond Ryan said that the National Quality Policy is expected St. Vincent and the Grenadines National Development Plan 2013-2025

Re-engineering Economic Growth: Improving the Quality of Life for all Vincentians to articulate the Government’s position regarding the quality of goods and services produced, consumed in and exported from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and further ensure that the Social and Economic Development Plan for 2013-2025 of making St. Vincent a more competitive economy by 2020 well within reach.

Executive Director of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards Ezra Ledger emphasized the importance of developing such a critical quality platform across various sectors, while Chairperson of the National Standards Bureau, Dr. Colleen Phillips, opined that the new policy will give the SVGBS greater authority in carrying out its mandate.

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  1. Erica McIntosh and I had, for the past 25 years, been advocating this; over those same years she had offered assistance to small and micro enterprises; was very vocal in the need for the agro-processing industry to become more vibrant given the abundance of fruit and vegetables; had worked along with me involved in small and micro enterprise development (NGO) and we both had great ideas for progress in the agricultural sector in SVG. Nothing ever happened. While I am not a political animal and have no affiliations and really do not care to now or ever, I just saw so many opportunities thrown away – I had written several proposals that would have ensured a very dynamic agro-processing sector development…to no avail. Best wishes for a successful program.

    Hey, if Erica is still interested, and while I cannot speak on her behalf, know that you have a wealth/dearth of experience and information that you can draw upon.

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