SVG Among Top 25 Countries With High Murder Rates

A report made available after the first quarter of 2016 showed that St Vincent and the Grenadines are among the top 25 countries with the highest murder rates per 100,000.

The highest murder rates in the world according to the report can be found in Latin America and Africa. St Vincent and the Grenadines is  13 among the Top 25 countries with 25.6 murders per 100,000.

The report by states that Being able to identify the highest murder rates is the first step toward solving the problem, next is to understand what factors lead to violent crimes, like homicide.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has conducted a study to identify the prominent factors that seem to result in high murder rates.

Countries with the widest gaps between rich and poor are four times more likely to experience violent crimes than other countries.

These inequitable societies are found most often in developing countries, where high poverty lacking infrastructure are commonplace.

In fact, poverty and crime go hand in hand; crime drives away businesses and investors, reducing available human capital, and creating an insecure environment which in turn, leads to more poverty.

Other countries in the region who made a list are;

Trinidad (12) or 25.9,

St Lucia (15) 21.6

Dominica (16) 21.1

Guyana (21) 17

 Bahamas (10) 29.8

St Kitts and Nevis (7) 33.6

Jamaica (5) 36.1.


  1. This not a surprise to me, when I tell my friends, that’s one of the main reasons that I am hesitant to come to come to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to visit. The response I usually get I get more killing where I reside, I say yes, but the per capita is way over from where I am residing. New York City has about 8 Million people and records under 500 murders per year, if you put SVG with that population, we would be having over 1000 and that would unacceptable to any civilized country.

  2. Most people kill because of the state of their hearts.Being poor and living in Poverty are excuses to commit crime.many of us grew up very very poor , but our parents rebuked us went we were wrong. today it is called ‘old fashioned”.Greed ,change of life style, poor parenting, no implementation of the law and laziness are some of the factors for our high crime rate , and note I did not say murder rate, I said crime.There are many who wear jacket and tie, belong to all types of social , economic church and political organistions that commit all kinds of crime, in their homes, work places on the streets among people of all ages, sex class and colour. but these are not recorded

    • I disagree! poverty does not always lead to crime but throughout all human history impoverished people and societies are by far and away the most likely to have violent crime. Poverty often leads to other problems (poor education, hopelessness, etc…) that also contribute to crime.

    • It’s the first time I have read anything close to good thinking and honesty in truthfully saying what is really wrong in our island and many others.

  3. Laziness, Badmind, Envious and Greed is the reason why our people are so cruel to each other, not the gap between rich and poor.

  4. Gonsalves is as much a failure in National Security as he is in economics. In fact poor leadership is the main reason why SVG is having all the problems it has at present.

    • I strongly agree 100%, i was there not too long ago, and you see a few police officers walking around aimlessly during the day, but st 6:00 p.m you can’t find one, home training is also seriously lacking, children are doing and saying things to adults that are disrespectful. Bring back the death penalty.

  5. The causes of crime have a lot to do with how we are socialize from birth, our nutrition and the inability of our Police to maintain law and order.

    The reality is many of the behaviours exhibited by our young criminals are learned through watching telivision, listening to music and our society tolerance for violence as a means of settling scores. If one were to look at the television today violence is pertrayed in the news and movies everyday. As a result, the presence of these images have become psychological ingrain in us hence we have become more tolerant.

    If you were to look the most violent countries in the world you would notice many of their citizens do not eat properly balanced diets. As result, our bodies are not development properly. If our faculties are not fully developed our bodies would function inefficiently. That is the case in Africa, South and Central America, the Caribbean, and some parts of Asia. The fact that we are not able to feed ourselves hinders our bodies ability to process the images we see and our thoughts properly. More importantly, some of the foods and drinks we consume impair our bodies ability to make sound decisions. Alocohol and drugs are some of the main drivers behind violent crimes.

    Finally, the way we Police our citizenry impacts our ability to maintain law and order. A poorly formulated policing strategy would continuously lead to descent. There has to be a clear strategy targeting offenders, disrupting the flow of weapons and drugs into our country, and disrupting violent sub cultures such as gangs. Our Police Force must become proactive as oppose to being reactive. It’s only by having a presence in the Community that you would truly understand what is happening and the challenges the people are facing. This would enable you to develop tolerance, proper interventions and a better approach in dealing with people.

    A higher level of Community engagement is important in curbing the crime. The way in which the police approach citizen ultimately affects the level of assistance offered by them. A citizen who has a bad encounter with the police would be reluctant to offer any support. The police have to ensure that their level of contact with the public is well mannered, fair, respectful and proportionate.

    In closing, we must vigorously address violent sub cultures, continuously reinforce positive values and images to our citizens from birth, feed our citizens properly and develop a robust and comprehensive policing strategy to help address issues of crime. This is the only way we can truly improve the state of violence in our country.

  6. And that unit they call black squad, driving around wasting gas, time and money doing nothing to enforce the law, the government and parents need to take control of the children, remember liberty lodge for the misbehaving boys back in the 70’s, and the nine tail cart. Reinstate that and the death penalty, if you’re an independent nation let go of the queens dress tail, cut the navel string,

  7. The main problem cause of crimes in svg is greed and lack of the will to enforce it. Bring back the hang man is another Solution. You live by the sword you die by the sword. A good example is Mr. Lovelace who was convicted of murder and sentenced to have a date with the hangman. Now he wants to have the date set aside along with those bleeding heart liberals. These are the things that fuel crime.

  8. Reducing crime: Follow The advice of the Most High.(Psalm 83:18) Eg: Proverbs 14:17; Proverbs 17:14; Romans 12:17-21; Romans 14:19; Mark 12:30, 31 etc. If everyone practices the Scriptural advice given above, then there will be no crime. But the Scriptures already indicate that at no time will all humans accept and live by God’s standards. So God will act in the future to destroy those who reject Him and His standards. Psalm 37:9,10. Psalm 92:7. So the TRUE Solution to crime is God’s Kingdom ((Government) Matthew 6:10;Isaiah 9:6, 7.

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