Sunwing Express Interest In Flying To SVG

SunWIng 737-800 @ Argyle International Airport

Canadian based charter company Sunwing Airlines has shown heightened interest in making St Vincent part of their Caribbean route.

This was disclosed by Officials of the Argyle International Airport at a media briefing on Monday.

The officials told media practitioners that discussions are emerging in that regard between the necessary entities to facilitate such process.

Officials also noted that a technical visit from a major carrier would take place shortly, stating that carriers have been impressed with what St Vincent has done to enhance its airlift capabilities.

In such a competitive industry officials say an efficient operation is vital, and the equipment at AIA affords the entity to do so.

As it relates to regulatory and nonregulatory training, officials noted this would continue for the next several months unabated.

It is expected that with such training, the spill off would be a well-rounded cadre of professional airline providers.


  1. We have been hearing “expressing interest” for years in every sector of the hospitality industry, a process that usually ends with no concrete realization thereby suggesting that these announcements are simply attempts to keep the ULP base energized and the opposition flat on its feet.

    Crying wolf when there is no wolf around is backfiring, however, as more and more people realize that this regime is all mouth and little action when it comes to generating tourist interest and revenue.

    • I only have one question for C.ben David , aka Mr. Gloom .

      Is it True that so far, since the AIA has been operating ,that
      50 Thousands Persons have passed through the AIA ????
      Or is that number false ???

      • If you are correct about your numbers, nearly the same numbers would have passed through E.T. Joshua International Airport during the same period thereby making AIA redundant.

  2. Don’t worry with C’ben David,
    He NEVER EXPECTEd the AIA to be completed much more operational . Tek dad.

    • Peter ,

      I am worried about his Sanity , especially since he delves in Doom & Gloom . According to the stats , the export of products to other parts of the Region seems to be improving . Much to his disappointment .

  3. You are a big nasty liar.

    I never, ever said any such thing.

    Why do you have to lie so?

    Act like a big man.

    • Why the airport has to always be a political views we should all be greatfull we have an international airport

      • It is because the Supreme Leader has made the Airport “political” and on the one hand it is nice to have the nice airport but it is a tremendous financial liability to us. It will take a generation to pay for the construction, it cost the majority of the people far more to get to and use the airport, and far more to maintain and we get only losses from its operation. Should we be happy for this? individualy…maybe. Collectively…NO!

  4. Unfortunately C. ben has been very accurate in all he has written. Doom and Gloom…yes! Who is at fault for that? To know the answer look in the mirror and see who is responsible for following a false PROFIT, many continue to do so.

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