Statement From Management Of MV Gem Star

Good day to the people of St. Vincent and more so those from the islands of the Southern Grenadines. We are thankful to the Almighty Father for getting us through one of the most difficult days and nights of our entire lives. We are comforted in his presence and understand that he is fully in control of this situation.

Unfortunately, the M.V.Gem Star will cease operations to the Southern Grenadines until further notice. This announcement is particularly difficult for us as we love serving you, our customers more so family and friends. The damage to our dear Gem Star was extensive.

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to:

The Commissioner of Police Colin John and his team of Officers, particularly, the Fire Department

Commander Brent Cain and the SVG Coast Guard

Sen. Julian Francis for providing lighting that enabled visibility

Livingston Rodgers for lighting.

Bishon John and Staff of the SVG Port Authority

General Maritime

Rodney King and the Staff of the M.V.Barracuda! Rodney, daddy was so proud and pleased to hear of your efforts Rodney!

Uncle Peter Ollivierre Camille Peters Ollivierre and Family… You were amazing. You never left our side…..ever. We will always be eternally grateful to you for your leadership.

Keith Howard- There are not enough words or the right words for me to say thank you for all you did for us yesterday into this morning. May your business prosper a hundred times over!

Julia Richardsonof Vee Jays, the Gentleman with the pot of peleau, the flashlights and water guys… Thank you

The Crew Members, Staff and their families who felt our pain so deeply. Our loss is their loss. Thank you for trying and working so hard.

All those who called, visited the boat and text…… Corpus Christi Community, we felt your presence, Frenches Crew…. blessings, Villa …. thank you for your support. To our personal friends that drove to the wharf to be by our side, no words could ever explain our gratitude! Thank you!

Believe it or not! Augustine De Roche has been on the seas for the past 60 years. His tenacity, dedication to hard work and will power have been powerful lessons to us his children. Gussie and Ann are grounded in faith and believes that God will make a way.

We thank God for Parents like you, daddy and mummy. We are also thankful for the next lesson we will learn from them about battling through the storm and rising again!

Prayer Warriors- Intercede on our behalf. Intercede!! Thank you! THANK YOU! Thank You!

The De Roché Family