August 6, 2020

Statement By New Haven Funeral Home

Statement By New Haven Funeral Home

The Management of the New Haven Funeral Home (NHFH) of Kingstown and Mesopotamia takes this opportunity to make a statement to the general public on matters have been brought to their attention and which directly affect the NHFH.

The NHFH wishes to clarify that it is not in any way connected to the recently established Joseph Da Silva Sr Memorial Funeral Home.

The NHFH is a complete and separate legal entity and any assertions by any persons to the contrary could only be designed to deceive current and prospective clients, authorities and members of the general public, for their own benefit.

The NHFH stands by its commitment to provide the highest standard of professional services and products to the general public as it has done since its inception, 27 years ago.

Any questions or clarification of any matters concerning the NHFH can be referred to us either by visiting our offices at Kingstown and Mesopotamia, by telephone or through our social media page.


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