St Vincent To Accept Students From The BVI

St Vincent and the Grenadines will provide space within some Secondary Schools on the island for children from the BVI.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves made this announcement on Saturday while addressing a hurricane relief effort by the Good Heart Foundation at Heritage Square.

“We will have to provide if the request is made, and I believe it will come, for some space at our schools particularly for those with CXC’s and CAPE”.

Gonsalves said it was done here when Hurricane Ivan had devasted Grenada in 2005, so the process is nothing new.

The Prime Minister also noted that it might be done as well for some persons who are hospitalised and in need of particular attention.

Technical personnel will also be sent to the BVI in relation to Electricity, Water, and general restoration. Gonsalves also stated that staff would be forwarded to address individuals with Psycho Social Issues.


  1. Here we go again, more grandstanding, making ourselves look and sound more important than we truly are. We in reality, are just a pin prick in the sea!Poverty stricken at that!

    The French, the Dutch and the British, with all of their vast financial and other resources are already running things in the affected areas, so why must we, through our doltish PM, think that we are so important? Stop it man! We need relief here too!

    Just how does our little US$100 Thousand matches up to the British ECD$130 Million, plus all their added facilities of Warships and Air crafts, engineers and medics that they and the French and the Dutch have thrown into the relief effort? We do not!

    Get real Ralph! There are extremely pressing problems here in SVG! And you know it too! Time to take care of the home front. The SVG nation is suffering badly too from your high taxes, mismanagement of our economy, poor security and outdated politics.

    • Is there really no limit to selfishness?! To be as insecure as this comment is making you is rather baffling to me, provided that we were in this situation would you not appreciate it to see that a country that itself is in some need of assistance is willing to you. These people are battling a genuine crisis, if your loved ones were in this situation and you were to see someone againts them being helped you would instantaneously be disheartened and disappointed in the world we are in to see such selfishness, so why would u striv to be that type of person. I am indeed shocked that lack of support you have towards our current leadership has caused you to have your heart be enclosed to the point where u are unable to feel sympathy for the people of the BVI simply as a result of political bias…i would love to believe lack of proper education is the cause of your behaviour because anything short of that would simply mean that you are a heartless individual and i am disappointed to share an island community with someone who has such a point of view as yourself. I really do hope you have a change of heart, otherwise you are no better than the many that are being criticized each day for the crimes they have commited…..because your idea of leaving a country to suffer in such a time is in my personal opinion a murderous ideology.

  2. We do not have to possess a lot to help. Any little bit will go a far way. Thank you Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves. I am delighted that my niece may just acquire a space in one of our secondary schools. Blessings on you and the entire Vincentian community.

  3. The thing is both DJK Richards and other, we do not have to wear our heart on our sleeves! We have for years now ignored the extensive poverty and ever growing gross needs that is slowly destroying SVG, to instead grandstand at giving! Charity must first begin at home!

    We here in SVG could not with our bottles of water and the US$100,000 can in no make an impression on the situation as compared to the Dutch, the French and the British, all of whom are EU members with vast wealth at their disposal and who had already sent large stocks of men, supplies and equipment into the region.

    Vincentians who are not part of the elite moreover, are daily living the results of tremendous neglect and severe ongoing poverty, so to pretend that we have money and resources to spare, is just plain silly and grandstanding.

    If we desired to help the victims of the hurricane, the best thing we could do is to send volunteers to help with security and the clean up as our money is especially needed here at home first. Our poverty and dilapidated state proves this!

    To do otherwise is to have delusions of grandeur! Believing that this poverty stricken nation of ours is more important than we really are. Many of whose inhabitants are finding it hard to put food on the table daily, with the few who are lucky enough to find work, have spent the little monthly or weekly wage, halfway before the next one is due.

    Our delusion is compounded by our rush to say , we will do this we will do that, we will spend money, money which we have to borrow every quarter just to pay our ongoing national expenses!

    The British, French and Dutch do not need our assistance to deal with the emergency as they have already proved. Their huge Treasury, manpower and professional skills can well manage the situation.

    But no, our delusion of grandeur gets the better of our Prime Minister, who transmit it to the likes of Desrie and others, resulting in a national blindness to our own ongoing suffering, partly brought about by an incompetent Government.

    So dears I do not have to wear my heart on my sleeve to be kind. I need to be realistic about the world and this Poverty stricken nation of ours, its open drains, its rat infested streets, its dilapidated infrastructures and poor standard of living and stop thinking that we are more powerful and more influential than we really are.

  4. Now let me deal directly with you who called yourself “Unimportant”. You see, are rather every bit important. So let us have the debate!

    A debate those of us in the nation should be having with one another. A debate we would otherwise be having were we not a country run by one man, his family and his cronies.

    Yes a debate we would be having were we not an elected dictatorship being run by a Neo-Colonialist over a largely uneducated populace. And No! I do have a very, very good education, one much better than most here. So let me blow my own trumpet!

    You accuse me of selfishness and that you are shocked by my behaviour yet you, I and Desrie Richards are not that different at all. Desrie gives thanks and is most delighted that her Niece may just acquire a place in one of our Secondary School. Tell me then, is not that desire out of a selfish want to see her Niece schooled here?

    Just how different is that desire from my wanting to see us Vincentians eating better, having employment, dwelling in a better environment, and having better Government rather than putting up with our Rat infested streets and constant acts of random violence? You see, we are all selfish in one way or another. It is the nature of man to be selfish.
    Indeed, God tells us that we are born selfish and the condition stays with us unless he eradicates it from within us. Just listen to the command… ” LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YO LOVE YOURSELF ” It is taken that we already love ourselves!

    Turning to my desire that you and Desrie took such offence too! My desire is that our most scarce resources are spent on us as a poor and impoverished people as the French , the Dutch and the British had already put in place structures and a great deal of AID resources to deal with the effects of the Hurricane.

    One do not deny that the affected areas was in need, far from it, one acknowledges that there is great need in the affected area however, those needs would be met and are being met by three of the richest nation on earth, the French (the fourth richest) the Dutch and the British (the fifth richest).

    Our jumping onto the bandwagon, with our poor nation’s scarce resources, is just plain grandstanding. Putting ourselves out in front and making ourselves seemingly looking important to ourselves, grandstanding with a show of grandeur! What delusional grandeur indeed! We will send, we will give! What about our our neglected home front?

    Oh’ ho ho! I do feel sympathy but let me put my sympathy in its rightful place. Charity must begin at home! So may one ask where are your sympathy for those neglected in our hospitals because of our scarce resources, or for those who have no employment. We do not see you and others collecting for their relief! Though you will bark for the relief elsewhere!

    If any is being heartless it is you and the others like you, who only find sympathy and comes out when there is something to grandstand and shout out about, screaming your feelings about sympathy, that others may see what you are doing.

    Bleeding hearts, wearing your emotions on your sleeve that others may join in congratulating how well you are all doing but for the rest of the time, your silent support for the abusive strong, is kept hidden.

    Returning to the vexed matter of the victims of the hurricane, let me say this again, the British, the French and the Dutch on their own, could well take care of whatever situation transpire. Their professionalism in these matters is next to none!

    The British have pledged in excess of EC$130 Million. Have already sent 700 UK troops to the region, 50 Police Officers, 20 Tonnes of Relief Aid plus the British Red Cross is coordinating further British Public Donations. The French and Dutch have drawn on their European Union resources and are likewise conducting EU Aid Relief operations.

    With these three rich countries conducting Aid Relief Operations, it is just plain grandstanding on our part for us to pledge and spend our most scarce financial resource, to augment that which members of the G6, the richest countries on earth are already doing, when we truly need it ourselves.

    It is equally obvious too that our Prime Minister, having ruled over this nation of dunce individuals for so long, he no doubt experiences feelings of grandeur and as his feelings of Grandeur delusion sets him above us all, our impoverished and penniless nation suffers the consequence of poor government, in one man decision making, nepotism and cronyism as the PM practice his outdated, obsolete politics.

  5. Wow I hope most Vinvies don’t think like this guy James H. As bajans we are often among the first to extend a hand to our hard hit brothers n sisters in times of disaster. Quite frankly we see it as our role in this region to help so I doubt we’ll hear many bajans expressing views like james H. Not to be petty and think only of ourselves when our kin r experiencing such hardships but to reach out and to assist with whatever we have. I’m extremely proud of the St. Lucia and St. Vincent prime ministers for the leadership they have shown in this crisis.

    Any cent counts and it’s a wonderful gesture.

  6. Romel Springer you accuse me of only thinking of one’s self but with that I will disagree! How is it thinking of one’s self when the BRITISH, the French and the Dutch are taking up the slack and delivering so much Aid Relief to the affected Islands? Their wants will truly be fully met by the big three no doubt about that!

    Therefore, the affected Islands are not without the necessary relief they need! However, we for our part live in Rat infested streets, dwell in dilapidated environment with many parts without streetlights. We are jobless and many have no means of putting food on the table. Encounter poor pot-holed roads. Suffers from grotesque random violence for lack of good security to name but a few of our national ills and all this for want of development funds.

    So let me put it this way for you Romel Springer! Why must we live out of doors in order to house others in tents? You see for me, Charity good friend, must begin at home!

  7. Any little thing helps Ignorant comments like that guy mention above is selfish an in humane. Those countries are very badly affected!!! Yea svg may not have a lot to offer or may need help themselves but they are in a way far more better situation than those affected countries. There are Vincentians living in those affected countries as well. What goes around comes around. Treat people as you would love to be treated. Incase you haven’t notice, it tends to be the unfortunate people who always try to offer help with the little that they got. It’s not about the amount you can donate, it’s the fact that you atleast donate.

  8. one presumes Dee that your remark about the “ignorant” was referring to myself! Now why on earth did you assume that I was a guy? Presumably because in your opinion young ladies can not express an opinion that is ignorant, moreover if in your eyes the opinion is ignorant it was most definitely expressed by an ignorant guy!

    Why is it may I ask, that only yours and the other bleeding hearts like you are the opinions that are seen to be valid by the likes of you and they?

    One never sees you nor they stepping in to clean-up our streets or to come around to rid the streets of the huge Rats that infests our neighbourhoods! Neither are you nor they to be found volunteering to join street patrols or cleaning-up our open drains, nor pay into a special fund for our “poor relief”.

    But as bleeding hearts you could find time to accuse others of selfishness because they do not buy into your comfortable cosy world of distant “Charitable giving” to unseen individuals, because it makes you feel good and humane! How nice! How wonderful!

    Well yes there are 2000 Vincentians living in those affected countries as you remind us, and I would agree with you, that they may need help indeed, but let me repeat, the British, the french and the Dutch have already taken charge of that well needed relief effort. And to good effect too may I add and with profoundly substantial Relief Aid too.

    So please do tell me, why am I selfish in saying “CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME” for SVG’s basic needs have been neglected, are being neglected, ignored and put on the back burner because it pleases you bleeding hearts to ignore them in place of others, whose needs are being met!

    Therefore, before you accuse me of selfishness, do take a long hard look at yourselves! If you are honest to yourselves, your own hypocritical selfishness shall show how shallow you all are. Wearing your immediate emotions on your sleeves! Wilfully blinkered to the needs and sufferings of those immediately around you while you make a pretence of compassion!

    So my good Dee I ask you now, when last did you give your time to clean debris from our Rat infested drains? When last did you volunteer to stand on our street corners to deter a violent attack?

    Think again my dear Dee! Charity is not just giving a $100 when there is a hurricane!

  9. To quote that Greek Philosopher Plato, ” Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.”

    Your constant quips Champ, rather than substantially debating issues, is rather telling as to the extent and quality of the education that you may or may not have received. If you have ” to say something ” do try a little harder to extensively express it in more detail, that we in turn may learn what it is exactly that you are objecting to or may be trying to say!

    This is how we debate, that is if you have yet learned to move forward from the Rum Bar quips, or from Fisticuffs or even the Cutlass that your kind love to use.

  10. WOW!!!!!Congrats Mr. Primeminister you are doing a fantastic job, by welcoming our unfortunate neighbours to our HOME OF THE BLESSED – Let us continue to be our brothers’ keeper – GOD is in control and we can encounter a major problem – whether our dear island is hit by a HURRICANE or by a VOLCANIC eruption –
    Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK in that respect and let us continue to help our sister islands – We are ALL CARIBBEAN people – GOD BLESS!!!!!

  11. What has God to do with this S.E.L? We are indeed what we make of ourselves and we as a nation have abandoned God a very long time ago so God have abandoned us in return! Our lascivious debauched national behaviour tells us as much!

    Truly, as a Caribbean people why don’t we all clean up the stinking Cesspit that is Kingstown? Why don’t we find the heart also to to clean-up the shanty shacks on the beachfront from the Hospital outwards to the shoreline or even to better the Hospital itself? Or find the time for those individuals and families who live in corrugated sheds up and down this country of ours?

    What a sorry mess those lean-to sheds at Paul’s Avenue are, with huge Rats making them their permanent places of abode. Why don’t you shriek yelps of WOW!!!!! in delight for their continuance S.E.L?

    Blind Hypocrite! You only see what you want to see while ignoring the obvious!

    • James H you need to stop. It’s true that St.Vincent has problems Barbados has problems too but this is different.
      How would you feel if your country was devastated and no one from caricom offered any assistance?
      Everyone is pitching in I read somewhere that even Guyana doubled the amount of aid they were sending.
      There comes a time when you have to ignore the tiny leak in your roof and offer a hand to your neighbor who has loss his entire house.

      Nothing in your country or mine can compare to what those folks are going through right. What are you suggesting we all do? Just stand by and watch. Just send reporters and government officials so they can come back and report to us how miserable and desperate their lives are?

      I know you are intelligent James. You have proven that or tried to in your OP but you have to do better than this. Despite how much I admire the
      Craftiness of your words I can’t help but see you as a shallow bad minded and selfish person. And yes I also assumed you were a guy …. because a lot of guys are named James and not many gals…. I imagine

      If you don’t want to assist your neighbors who are in need then don’t but to try to discourage others and to cry down those who have or are willing to is just horrible.

      James H at this moment you are being a horrible human being.

  12. Let me begin Romel Springer by saying that for your information James is the surname and that I am in no way whatsoever, am I trying to discourage those who wishes to contribute to this relief effort.

    Far from it, each individual is perfectly entitled to do and can do whatever they so wish with their own cash and goods, after all, it is theirs, to do with as they so please. However, Taxes are a whole lot different! Taxes belongs to us as a nation collectively! Its collection is meant to be for our own administration and our own well being!

    What happens to our taxes, when our country is already devastated is of profound concern of ours. And to ignore our own immediate and long term sufferings, in place of others, when those others plight are already being greatly relieved, is profoundly unsound and greatly injudicious. To relive those others over and above ours through some misguided altruistic show, in my books dear fellow, is just plainly misplaced, erroneous foolishness.

    The affected hurricane areas are and were not without good relief. In fact it is well documented that the hurricane affected areas will be the recipients of a large volume of relief from the EU as a block of nations and from the EU nations individually. Very rich Nations such as France, Holland and Britain have already made much funds, material and manpower available to that end, I might add.

    It is equally known that the British alone have committed ECD $230 Million Dollars to the relief already. (With an assurance to do whatever it takes immediately and for the long term) In so doing they have sent 1,250 troops to the region, 50 Police Officers, Medics, Engineers, Cargo ships, Battleships, Helicopters and other Air Crafts to the relief effort. This surely is a tremendous relief effort! Indeed a relief second to none!

    Why therefore is it required for a small country like SVG that is already itself struggling for its daily life sustenance, require to augment the relief efforts of Britain, France and Holland by showing altruism and ignore its own dire needs?

    As to what a poverty stricken and financially devastated country like mine should do in circumstances like these, if you wish us to be altruistic, it is for us to request none waged volunteers be sent to help-out in the relief effort.

    Therefore, I fail to see why it is that I am seen as being shallow to insist that we look to our own tremendous needs first, before we pretend at altruism?

    In short Britain, France and Holland alone with their vast wealth compared to our dire poverty in this situation, was enough and is enough, to resolve the necessary relief these individuals needs. Our bandwagoning is purely grandstanding in our gross poverty! A bandwagoning having its origin out of a delusion of self importance!

  13. James H what is done is done. I noticed just today that there are two more systems out there heading our way. These days are funny nights as we say here in Barbados. One day you have a beautiful country that is the envy of everyone and the next day you have a devastated wasteland.

    We in the South have to hope that these two don’t do us like Irma did the North. I hope that if we get hit that St.Lucia and St. Vincent and Granada come to our aid because I can guarantee that if the situation was reversed bajans won’t think twice about coming to yours.
    And that’s the way we have to be in these parts.
    Your country will be rewarded greatly for the leadership shown by your prime minister.

    Let me share something with you. As bajans we view your country St. Vincent as being the most important of all the oecs countries and that’s primarily because of the the type of leadership shown by your pm. I don’t see any reason why he should stop now

    If he donates 100 gran that doesn’t meant that nothing at all will be done in St. Vincent in terms of easing the hardships you so passionately speak about. I’m sure they will be addressed at a later date. What’s our brothers n sisters are facing requires immediatel action and all hands on deck.

  14. I would love to have come to a common position with you Romel, but we quite obviously can not achieve that, because you are making the assumption, that I am against us all helping one another, when in difficulties, which is not the case with me.

    What I hoped to have made clear is that I am totally against the clever tricks of insincere Politicians who jump to use out Tax Dollars to make a song and dance about irresponsibly saying that they are helping outsiders while for years ignoring our own pressing needs.

    In this instance, it was already known that the Europeans, particular Britain, were already heading-up the Aid Relief of the Hurricane affected Islands with a huge relief effort. The British had already sent over 20 Tons of Aid by ship into the relief zone.

    Why therefore, was it necessary for Ralph Gonsalves to grandstand in the way that he did? No reason at all, except to attract attention onto himself and deflect negative attention away from the pressing issues that he was facing at home here.

    Our USD $100 grand was not needed to be added to the European relief effort at all because the French, the Dutch and the British had already began to make good on their pledge to do whatever it takes to relieve the situation.

    Ignoring our pressing needs and grandstanding by going to the media with his own pledge and then turning up in Heritage square to tabulate his own relief effort, was just to attract applause.

    Indeed, a young lady here had just been brutally murdered within yards from her own home by a feral mob only days before however, yet the entire governing administration had remained mum throughout the following days. No interaction or grandstanding there but a Hurricane and distressed individuals, here was now an opportunity to shine, show caring emotions and pretend to be altruistic!

    However, as we have seen the British had already pledged ECD $130 Millions,( later increased by ECD $100 Million) sent ships, loaded with all forms of relief, medics, engineers, Police Officers, 1250 troops, fix wing air crafts and helicopters to take care of the situation. Our funds in the circumstance, were never needed and is not needed!

    We in SVG indeed as good humans, do help one another and there is none to my knowledge in SVG except may be a selfish individual, who would not rush to the aid of those in need however, the need for relief here was already being attended by Nations with very, very deep pockets. Our PM was just up to his usual tricks, tricks that he has mastered over the years!

    So when it came down to it, sending the USD $100 grand was superfluous and unnecessary and was only serving to boost his own over inflated ego!

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