St Vincent To Accept Students From The BVI

St Vincent and the Grenadines will provide space within some Secondary Schools on the island for children from the BVI.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves made this announcement on Saturday while addressing a hurricane relief effort by the Good Heart Foundation at Heritage Square.

“We will have to provide if the request is made, and I believe it will come, for some space at our schools particularly for those with CXC’s and CAPE”.

Gonsalves said it was done here when Hurricane Ivan had devasted Grenada in 2005, so the process is nothing new.

The Prime Minister also noted that it might be done as well for some persons who are hospitalised and in need of particular attention.

Technical personnel will also be sent to the BVI in relation to Electricity, Water, and general restoration. Gonsalves also stated that staff would be forwarded to address individuals with Psycho Social Issues.


  1. We do not have to possess a lot to help. Any little bit will go a far way. Thank you Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves. I am delighted that my niece may just acquire a space in one of our secondary schools. Blessings on you and the entire Vincentian community.

  2. Is there really no limit to selfishness?! To be as insecure as this comment is making you is rather baffling to me, provided that we were in this situation would you not appreciate it to see that a country that itself is in some need of assistance is willing to you. These people are battling a genuine crisis, if your loved ones were in this situation and you were to see someone againts them being helped you would instantaneously be disheartened and disappointed in the world we are in to see such selfishness, so why would u striv to be that type of person. I am indeed shocked that lack of support you have towards our current leadership has caused you to have your heart be enclosed to the point where u are unable to feel sympathy for the people of the BVI simply as a result of political bias…i would love to believe lack of proper education is the cause of your behaviour because anything short of that would simply mean that you are a heartless individual and i am disappointed to share an island community with someone who has such a point of view as yourself. I really do hope you have a change of heart, otherwise you are no better than the many that are being criticized each day for the crimes they have commited…..because your idea of leaving a country to suffer in such a time is in my personal opinion a murderous ideology.

  3. Any little thing helps Ignorant comments like that guy mention above is selfish an in humane. Those countries are very badly affected!!! Yea svg may not have a lot to offer or may need help themselves but they are in a way far more better situation than those affected countries. There are Vincentians living in those affected countries as well. What goes around comes around. Treat people as you would love to be treated. Incase you haven’t notice, it tends to be the unfortunate people who always try to offer help with the little that they got. It’s not about the amount you can donate, it’s the fact that you atleast donate.

  4. WOW!!!!!Congrats Mr. Primeminister you are doing a fantastic job, by welcoming our unfortunate neighbours to our HOME OF THE BLESSED – Let us continue to be our brothers’ keeper – GOD is in control and we can encounter a major problem – whether our dear island is hit by a HURRICANE or by a VOLCANIC eruption –
    Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK in that respect and let us continue to help our sister islands – We are ALL CARIBBEAN people – GOD BLESS!!!!!

  5. You make some good points and good suggestions. It reminds me of Madurro of Venezuela giving money and such to SVG while his people are going to the dogs for lack of things he sends to us as charity!

  6. Wow! even better than what you wrote before! Many of us know and feel these things but you are able to put it into writing; well said!…a bit long though.

  7. I think Mr. Springer does not understand you. He needs to know that one can only give when one has something to give, but whatever is given should be something needed by the recipient…but not when it is needed more by the giver. Ralph is giving things away that are more needed by those he is “taking it away from”. He can donate both of his lungs if HE wishes, but do not donate MY lungs!

  8. I sense a high degree of selfishness in these debates. I failed to understand a why can’t we not give even though we are in need.This is why St Vincent is in the state that we are in, because we failed to be out brother’ keepers.

  9. We as a people have to stop and think , what if we as Vincentian was in this situation what would you do? Please help us lord to help each other. Let us all get together and help our falling brothers and sisters.

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