St Vincent Takes Off With Air Canada Rouge

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the inaugural flight of Air Canada Rouge to SVG, Minister of Tourism Cecil Mckee says that Thursday marked the beginning of great things for travellers to the island.

The Air Canada Rouge flight landed with over 136 persons and left SVG with 145 passengers bound for Toronto, Canada.

Mckee said that the major obstacle to SVG tourist product was proper air transportation; however, that problem was solved with the realization of a dream called the AIA.

“I think we are all aware that dream became a reality on the 14th February 2017, I listen to the comments of persons who came off of Air Canada Rouge, and with no exception indicated that it is an absolute privilege to fly directly to this destination call St Vincent” Mckee Said.

Mckee speaking after flight landed, said the pilots were elated and indicated to him that it was an absolute breeze landing at the AIA.

The launch ceremony in Toronto. Photo Credit caribjournal

On Sunday 17th, Sunwing would be here again, and on Thursday of next week Air Canada Rouge returns with a full flight.

“We are speaking with Air Canada to continue throughout the year, in the meantime, they have indicated to us they would be here for the 2018-2019 winter season” Mckee told persons attending the short ceremony.

Air Canada Rouge is a low-cost airline, a subsidiary of Air Canada, it is fully integrated into the Air Canada mainline and Air Canada Express networks.

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