St Vincent Police Commissioner Denies Accusations Of Sexual Misconduct

The Police Commissioner of St Vincent and the Grenadines Colin John has been accused of sexual misconduct by a married female officer.

According to reports an investigation has been launched in relation to the allegations, the Commissioner has denied such allegations.

A letter stating the accusation according to reports was sent to the Commissioner, Prime Minister and the Police Welfare association.

Local newspaper Searchlight have reported the Commissioner as saying, “the accusations were false, and the recklessness of the claims will be proven in the near future”.

A source told News784 that the Commissioner has seven days to respond to the accusations of inappropriate behavior towards a female officer.


  1. While it is the right thing to refer this matter to the Prime Minister,i don’t think he is the right person to investigate this matter. Remember he is also stand accused for simular sexual misconduct against women.
    Ah want to hear the pundits opinion.
    IN-D-PEN. DANCE. A nation held captive
    We need Liberation,not independence.

  2. If any other person accused of sexual misconduct very fast the police be all over them…this man have beIN accused of an offence but still in office because he say denined it..o plzz
    That y there always be a sense of lawless in SVG

  3. What? SVG coming like America with those sexual allegations to bring down a man or woman in office? Hmm.

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