St Vincent Parliament To Debate Cannabis Bills On December 10th

The Select Committee of Parliament currently addressing   three cannabis bills had a full session of presentation by Dr. David Berry, Dean of the Faculty of Law Cave Hill Campus Barbados on Monday.

Dr. Berry is recognized in the region as an authority on International Law, detailed in his presentation the responsibilities and obligations of a state which has signed International Narcotic Treaties and Conventions.

“The conventions provide for medical and scientific research purposes, for religious usage in a place of worship as a sacrament to be added, it must be done legally by way of a reservation” explained Dr. Berry.

Dr. Berry took the opportunity to meet a group of members of the Rastafari Community in SVG to explain the process needed in attempting to unlock the rights to use cannabis for religious purposes.


The Select Committee will continue in Parliament today, to address other matters which were slated to be completed on Monday.

A new date of December 10th has been set for the debates in Parliament on the cannabis bills. The Hon. Prime Minister expressed that the Select Committee will complete its work by the middle of this week.

The presentation by Dr. Berry was well received and assisted in further enlightening on the need to honour international legal treaty obligations.

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  1. What strange irony, if what senior Crown Counsel had to say recently is correct and there is no justifiable reason to assume that he is incorrect, that those here who think that will be benefiting from all this talk of decriminalising Cannabis, are indeed those least likely to profit from it.

    Do not forget that “Power” was and is always will be, in the hands of the neo-Colonialist and their supporters, be they at home or abroad.

    Is it not high time that such facts are realised? Until Vincentians do this, they will always be used as the cat’s paw. ( tirer les marrons du feu ) Forever being duped!

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