St Vincent Opposition Talk Show Host Arrested

Police here in St Vincent have arrested an Opposition New Democratic Party talk show host.

Igal Adams, a host of the New Times radio program aired on Nice Radio 96.7FM, was arrested on Friday night.

The Police Public Relations could not confirm the report to News784 since that department is closed on the weekend.

However, a reliable source told News784 that Adams has become a person of interest in a matter reported to the Police last week involving  a minor.

The report made, alleges that the minor  was age  11 and 12 when the matter reported last week occurred. The minor is now 14 years old.

At the time of this publication, the source indicated that the talk show host was still in Police custody.

The source also indicated that the New Democratic Party is already making plans for an alternate host(s) for the program, should the Police decide to press charges.


  1. Is it mere coincidence that this took place on the eve of activities being held in central kingstown so that maximum damage could be inflicted on the opposition ? Is the commissioner privy to this fact and has by his act of omission now seem to have tainted his office ?

  2. or could it be that the man committed a crime involving a minor whose parents decided to press charges last week so police just did their job and arrested the man, why does everything that involves the opposition in this country has to be a conspiracy against? people just need to stop with this crap now it done almost a year and nothing hasn’t changed.

  3. This country is making me sick, why everything has to be related to politics.
    Can’t we just accept that, these things happen and have no merit to either each political parties.

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