St Vincent : First OECS Island To Decriminalise Marijuana

OECS – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) has made history as the first OECS Member State to decriminalise marijuana for medical purposes and scientific research.

Speaking from SVG, Minister for Agriculture Saboto Ceaser, told the OECS that the passing of the Bill in Parliament on Tuesday,  December 11 signified the Caribbean island was now positioned to become a globally leading medicinal cannabis hub not only in terms of high-quality production but research.

OECS Director General Dr. Didacus Jules congratulated OECS Chairman and SVG PM Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and Caesar on their bold leadership in the creation of a modern medicinal cannabis industry framework.

“On behalf of the OECS Commission, I would like to particularly recognise the Hon. Sabato Caesar as the youngest parliamentary representative at the age of 37 for his tireless dedication to unlocking economic opportunities through agriculture for the OECS region – the agri shipping initiative being another successful program” said Dr. Jules.

Traditional cultivators, stakeholders and others have joined the Government in celebrating the passing of the Bill as the Government now moves to direct its focus toward implementation of the legal framework for the production of medicinal marijuana.


  1. Health, wealth and prosperity awaits all those would be smart buccaneers with a ticket to grow cannabis here, as we in SVG advance on the road to becoming a prosperous Caribbean-Narco-State.

    Such shall be our new reality, in a brave swashbuckling frontier world, in this far from new A.B.C of SVG’s economic life. Arrowroots for our A, Bananas for our B and Cannabis for our C.

    Cocaine may be the narco of choice for those wealthy drug Lords of South America and Heroin production as the path for profound wealth by the equally drug Barons of all Asia, however our individual niche is being carved out today in Cannabis.

    Therefore, learn the A, B, C’s of SVG’s new economic life. The ABC that will be the source for our future wealth accumulation, thereby abolishing all needs for that annual worldwide begging bowl.

    Arrowroot and Bananas for a while in their day, were our paying kings but the world soon stopped paying us enough for their production. In the recent past, the consumption of Cannabis was always hampered by a sceptical world, a world remembering the experience it once had with opium, but now, Cannabis is the legal king to be championed. A king to be championed by any roaming go-getting buccaneer, looking for a fast buck. So, roll down your sails, make haste, put on your rain coat, for there is much cash in dem here greenhouses!

  2. Yes, just like SVG has now become a “globally leading” tourist destination with the completion of Argyle International Airport.

    Yes, just like SVG is “now positioned to become a globally leading” coffee and cocoa/chocolate producer.

    Don’t these politicians understand that their silly propaganda only makes them a laughing stock?

  3. Congratulations sir Evil well done thanks for putting st Vincent in the spotlight and on the map again

    Wake up christian nation Jesus Christ is the God of your country establish by Jehovah our Father and Creator this make you part of Israel the body of Jesus Christ stand up!!

    • The constitution clearly outlines religious freedom. The country does not specifically take a stance to religion or Jesus. Rather. Svg is a place with a majority of Christians. SVG is not like the Vatican. It is separate from the church. It’s unconstitutional to write laws based on religion as per chapter 1 of the charter of rights and freedoms. Unless standards of law and semantics mean nothing.

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