St. Vincent Builds World-Class Cannabis Research Platform

The Cannabis Research and Development Unit (CRDU) in the Ministry of Agriculture of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, has invited cannabis researchers from around the world to participate in its on-going cannabis research and development program.

In a recent report from CRDU, the entity aims to attract the brightest minds in cannabis research globally, in order to reach the cutting edge in cannabis production and genetic profiling. Already, scores of researchers are grabbing the opportunity to study tropical strains located on the island.

Developmentally, the principle is that the island will create a platform comprising the world’s top researchers in cannabis who will take clinical trials, extraction methodologies and the discovery of unique cannabis components to the next level.

Hon. Saboto Caesar, the island’s Minister of Agriculture and Industry, recognizes the critical importance of technology transfer as a first step in developing a modern medicinal cannabis industry.

He expressed satisfaction that traditional cultivators, investors, locally and regionally -particularly from Trinidad and Tobago, and international scientists have already shown a keen interest in research.

The Minister is encouraging researchers in the OECS and other Caricom member states to use the opportunity to study cannabis in SVG. He made it clear that without science we will be going in the wrong direction, quickly.

The cannabis industry is expected to add to the diversified production foundation already in place in SVG. The island is poised for potentially very productive cannabis investment.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a beautiful island located in the Southern Caribbean. It has recently opened an international airport which links this tiny paradise group of islands to the world.

The Prime Minister is Hon. Ralph Gonsalves who is the longest current serving Prime Minister in the Caribbean.

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