St Vincent And The Grenadines Seeks To Head ECOSOC

St Vincent and the Grenadines will on Thursday seek the necessary votes to become president of ECOSOC, Prime Minister Gonsalves made the announcement on Monday.

ECOSOC oversees the Economic and Social programs related to the United Nations.

Gonsalves said barring something cataclysmic event on Thursday 26th July, SVG is likely to become the new president of ECOSOC.

“Our office in the UN is doing a very good job; People don’t know for instance that in 2016- 2017 St Vincent and the Grenadines was chair of the subcommittee which deals with administration and budgeting at the United Nations”.

Gonsalves said following such event on Thursday there is our live candidacy for a non-permanent member on the UN Security Council.

The Security Council has 15 members, 5 are permanent, France, Russia, China, USA and the United Kingdom.

Non-permanent members are there for two years and are elected from different regions, for instance, SVG’s candidacy is in the group Grulac of Latin America and the Caribbean.
SVG must win in Grulac and also get two-thirds from those in the General Assembly who are voting.