Solidarity organization to hold March and Rally on Friday in SVG

The Solidarity organization will hold a March and Rally this Friday, in support of the citizens of the USA, in their struggle for justice and a better society.

The March will leave Victoria Pak at 3:30 pm for Heritage Square where a Rally will be held, featuring Speakers, Messages, and Cultural Items.  Participants are asked to wear black and to observe COVID 19 Protocols.

Chairman of the organization Solidarity, Mike Browne, said the feature address at the rally is expected to be delivered by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

Solidarity is an organization comprising Vincentian Groups and Individuals, which is committed to standing steadfast with all Peoples- in-Struggle for a better world.


  1. Gonsalves the man who says SVG is better off than most Caribbean islands and in the same breath says he’s done more for poor people in Vincy than any other leader.why can’t he say after 19 yrs that SVG has a growing middle class and just a few poor people. It’s by design.The pm wants you to remain poor and indigent so he could give you cement and lumber come election season so he could get your vote. That’s what this all boils down to. He needs to explain to Vincy people why he victimized the teachers and BiggerBiggs. Until he comes up with an explanation that’s plausible he has no right to be addressing a people he oppresses under the guise of helping them.

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