Social movements of SVG express solidarity with Venezuela and Cuba

On Thursday, November 7th, social movements, organizations and cultural groups of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines were present at the financial complex, Kingstown to reiterate their solidarity with the countries of the world that are affected daily by the unilateral imperialist aggressions of the Government  of the United States of America in its quest to dominate the wealth of the people.

Renwick Rose, President of the SVG/Cuba Friendship Society said: “Chatoyer and the Garifuna has put that legacy for us “resistance is in our blood, no matter how small we are, we must always fight.”

Rose explained that for 28 years, the UN has voted to lift the embargo against Cuba “today 187 nations have voted in favour of Cuba including some of the most important US allies and nothing changes yet and the USA found a man in Venezuela they recognize as President supported by 55 countries and joked saying “then we have a new math 55 is more than 187”.

This activity was attended by the Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who reiterated once again his solidarity and support: “In solidarity with Cuba and Venezuela and fighting against imperialism and neo-colonialism… You cannot have a country or a small group of countries determining whether they should or can intervene in the affairs of other countries.

If the UN Security Council approves an interference, that interference can only be in circumstances where there is genocide or some type of mass offense for people’s lives … When the United States attacks the commerce and banking system against Cuba and Venezuela, they are working unilaterally and outside of international law… Cuba and Venezuela have very good relations with SVG, if it were not for the sanctions, those countries would be much better. ”

The Ambassador of Cuba in San Vicente, Vilma Reyes Valdespino said “the criminal blockade of the United States has intensified under the mandate of Donald Trump, which not only seriously affects Cuba but also other countries, business partners, businessmen and individuals; the blockade is described as genocide, the massive and systematic damage caused by the blockade and vital sectors such as health and food.. ”.

Francisco Pérez Santana, head of the Venezuelan mission in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, explained that these types of activities are carried out in support of the people of “Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Haiti, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Cuba, Honduras, Panama , all of them fighting for their freedom and against the misery of the IMF ”and took advantage of the space to denounce the US Government:“ We denounce the current administration of the United States for being a real threat to the Central American, Latin American and Caribbean region ”.

Finally, the social movements expressed their solidarity with the peoples who fight for their independence and against imperialist interference as stated by Victor Byron and Laura Dublin, spokesmen of the solidarity group.

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