Skinny Praises Vincentian Support, Montano Ready For “Famalay” Tour

Vincentian Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle had a welcome home befitting a king on Wednesday as thousands of Vincentians join the reveling from Argyle to Kingstown.

Doyle along with Trinidadians Montano and Garlin won the recent road march competition in Trinidad with the hit song, Famalay.

Deputy Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation CDC Mr. Esworth ‘Ezzie’ Roberts stated that it’s the 1st time a non-national of Trinidad and Tobago has ever won this title.

Skinny Fabulous thanked his collaborators who journey to SVG with him, he sent a special thank you to St Vincent for their unfailing support in his monumental rise in the Soca world.

Skinny give praises also to Montano and Garlin for  collaborations and allowing him to perform alongside them on stage very early in his career

Meanwhile, a Famalay tour would be the next thing I would want to engage in and give it my best shot, that is what Trinidadian soca star Machela Montana stated on Wednesday.

Montano said this should have been the year for him to take a sabbatical and consider new ways of moving the music forward, however, he would be willing to put that aside for a Famalay tour.

He said it should incorporate soca giants from around the region, no doubt he said such would revolutionize the Caribbean soca genre.

Krishna “Dada” Lawrence who is the Producer of the hit song Famalay said the win is something every producer aspire to once they are in the music business, he said he has done work in the past with Vincentian artiste like Fireman.

He noted such work would continue in the future.

A grand concert was held at heritage square last night as a climax to the welcome home party.