Sir Louis Reassures Citizens : No Eruption Of La Soufrière, No Kidnapping


My fellow Vincentians over the past few days there has been a video circulating on social media in the form of a news story that reports on among other things an imminent eruption of la La Soufriere volcano.

The video also talks about a hostage situation at the Argyle International Airport and a kidnapping situation at the La Soufriere mountain.

Let me say categorically that these events are not factual. The video is part of the trade winds training exercise and was created as a simulation video for internal training purposes.

Unfortunately, this video inadvertently made its way onto social media and has been the cause of concern and anxiety especially in the Diaspora.

Let me assure you that all is well in St Vincent and the Grenadines. There is no volcanic activity recorded by the regional seismic unit.

The Argyle International Airport is fully operational and incident free and there has been no report of a kidnapping in this country.

I regret that this video simulation created for internal use was inadvertently made public and the anxiety that its contents have caused.

Our preparations for the carnival celebrations are in full swing and we continue to welcome our visitors from our neighbouring Caribbean islands as well as from our international countries.

The trade winds exercise ends this week and we trust that it would be a massive success with our local and regional personnel trained in the areas of disaster response and other mass casualty situations.

Again I reiterate that the video circulating is not real but was a simulation video and as such should not be taken seriously by the public here at home nor by our brothers and sisters in the diaspora.