Sir James “Liat should get out the way of the private sector”

Former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell says Liat should get out the way of the private sector and let the market work.

Sir James made the comments while speaking on Boom Fm recently about the future of the airline.

“ let the market work; Sir James said asking why Governments in the region did not allow RedJet to work”.

“ we have Air Caribe in Martinique which wants to come south into these islands, there are opportunities in the private sector, but we have to distinguish between government liability and what the people want as a service.”

Sir James said he is very clear and unambiguous about such, noting the policy he left with the NDP is for private sector involvement including changing the regulations governing aviation in the Caribbean.

The Former Prime Minister noted that we have to allow the commercial operation of single engine aircraft such as in the Northern Caribbean.

Sir James pointed out that by governments using the old regulations they get a sense of comfort that they can outsmart the marketplace.

“ But you cannot outsmart the market. Eventually, you will lose,”  said the  Former Prime Minister.