Sick Woman With Oxygen Tank Left On Concrete.

An ill woman who was brought up from the Grenadines on Saturday afternoon by the coast guard,  had to stay on the wharf for about 15 minutes before moving.

The woman was left to comfort herself on the concrete with a miniature oxygen tank.

A man and a child who came with the woman including a male nurse, went in search of transportation since the ambulance was not on hand at her arrival.


  1. That’s so very sad..I’ve been told that the hospital and some of it’s staff are very indifferent to the needs/concerns of the patients and their could have a world class facility in terms of it’s capabilities but, if the people running this facility have a don’t care attitude then that’s a huge problem that needs addressing..

  2. The situation is by no means a sad one. However, was the hospital or ambulance given advance notice that the patient was coming? Expected time of arrival? Notwithstanding, I hope she eventually received the right treatment.

  3. I was informed that the ambulance cannot leave the compound unless a nurse is available -understandably since we do not paramedics. What I cannot understand is why there are no floating nurses for this exact role?If there are, there seem to be no sense of urgency allocated to this role. There is always a problem locating the drivers, then there is the excuse that the ambulance cannot leave because there is no oxygen onboard…From my personal experience it is one excuse to the other.
    Then as a patient, hospital doesn’t have heparin…you purchase your own…then the nurses are asking to ‘borrow’ your stock for other patients with blood clot!!Inventory management and hospital administration at MCMH is a joke!!

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