Shots Fired In Calder, Police Responds Quickly

We have received reports from a number of individuals in the Calder community, that a barrage gunfire was heard in the area about 20 minutes ago.

Further investigation revealed that the shots were fired in an area called summer place,  an area in Calder overlooking the Argyle Airport.

An individual who spoke to us from Summer Place said they did not want to venture outside since gunfire were heard directly behind their home.

Police arrived quickly on the scene and were in pursuit of an individual who apparently had a gun according to another eyewitness account.

Police open fire in an attempt to halt the individual from escaping. One resident told News784 that the individual to whom the Police are in pursuit of hails from a nearby village.

It is not clear at this time what may have triggered the gunfire,  there are no reports of casualty at the time of publication.

News784 will update.

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