Second Phase Of St Vincent Geothermal Plant Nears Completion

(NEWS784) – Work on the Geothermal Energy Plant continues as the second phase of the construction nears completion.

According to the Contractor work is expected to be finished by the end of November early December 2018.

Drilling Pads and Mud Ponds have been completed and high-powered water pumps have been installed.

A 5-meter-high dam will supply water to the 11-meter Coffer Dam to be pumped to the drilling rigs for cooling and injection purposes.

In July of 2018 Earth Works on St Vincent and the Grenadines Geothermal plant began along the base of the La Soufrière volcano.

The country expects to cover up to 50% of its energy needs by using geothermal energy at the end of the project.

Financed by partners, including the Clinton Global Initiative, the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, the Caribbean Development Bank, the International Renewable Energy Agency, it is expected that this can be achieved by 2020.


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