SDA Mission Donate Books To Kingstown Public Library

Pastor Karlson Samuel Director of the Publishing Ministry of the SVG Mission of Seventh-day Adventists making a presentation to Librarian Ms. Dana Neverson.

SDA Mission Release

The Publishing Department of St Vincent and the Grenadines Mission of Seventh Day Adventists was pleased to present books to the Kingstown Public Library.

The donation was made on 15th April,  the Publishing Director Pastor Karlson Samuel along with two Literature Evangelists; Edmira Walker and Cada Seales made a donation of 75 books to the librarian, Ms. Dana Nerverson.

Ms. Neverson expressed her appreciation on behalf of the Director of libraries Mrs Michelle  Campbell.

Reading inspires, encourages, motivates us and opens our fantasy. Reading opens the mind to the subject it reads.

The more books you read the more knowledge you will gain but more than the number of books we read is the quality of our reading.

Do you read books that help you find meaning in life? Do you read books that help you to develop a good relationship with others?

Dear friends, we join together to encourage you to READ!