School Logistics made easier with Police credit

The ease of acquiring school supplies during the traditional hectic summer months is a huge benefit customers will enjoy, as a result of a collaboration between two commercial entities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Ms Chellise Rogers – the Marketing officer at Logistics Plus, says that around this time parents are looking for the best brands, quality, and long lasting items at a reasonable price which may not be available in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

To most parents it can be an annual and tedious phase due to cost implications, and every effort available to assist throughout this period is welcomed.

The Police Credit Union and Logistics Plus have teamed up to make it easier for parents to purchase schools supplies, in a Back-to-School programme, which commenced Monday July 16, 2018.

However only credit union members would have been eligible for a loan, and this concern the Loans Officer at the Police Credit Union says has been addressed.

Kathleen Jack – Loans Officer at the Police Credit Union explains, “Over the years we have been utilising the Corporate Act which allows us to promote education. This year we are doing a Back-to-School special at 10-percent interest rate.

The whole process in acquiring school supplies Ms Jack points out is “hassle free”, as both current and new members will not have to beat the streets of Kingstown, jostling with others to purchase school supplies.

Additionally, many persons work hours, place of residence imposes restrictions on their freedom to shop, and as a result, frustration becomes the order of the day as the deadline for the reopening of school draws near.

The waiting time is minimal for “All loan applications would be sent to the loans committee which meets every Thursday, and once approved, cheques would be available for collection by Friday morning.

“The maximum loan one can apply for under the Back-to-School promotion is EC$3,000.00.”

The loan repayments Ms Jack said is as low as EC$60.00 monthly depending on the amount the customer did borrow.

According to Ms Rogers, the customer has nothing to do once their loan is approved. “After the customer has delivered the cheque to Logistics Plus, the next thing they will have anything to do with the process is to collect their package of school supplies.

As a further incentive to customers who sign up for the Back-to-School programme, Logistics Plus contribution to the promotion also includes a reduction in air freight charges, down to EC$8.50 per pound.

Also these customers are gifted a US$5.00 Voucher on every all-inclusive purchase, and on sea freight these customers will now pay EC$200.00 for every 9 cubic feet.

Logistics Plus managing director J-Kwon Freeman says that education is key and whatever he and his company can do to make the customers’ dollar stretch as far as possible to use the favourite catch phrase, they will do. Hence the special air and sea freight rates for these customers.

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