Road Works Underway In Diamond-East St George

Camilo Gonsalves representative for East Saint George says when he was elected one of the first things that he did was take BRAGSA officials on a walk-thru of Diamond.

Gonsalves said many parts of the village were without paved roads.

The Minister said improving the roads in Diamond was one of his election promises to the residents.

Community Men At Work
Community Men At Work

In a facebook post on Thursday 13th October, Gonsalves noted that after some long months of negotiation, estimation, and resource-allocation, he is “THRILLED” and thanked BRAGSA for beginning the work on roads in the community.

“We’re starting with close to 700 feet of concrete road in Phase 1, and hopefully taking it past 1,000 feet in Phase 2,” Gonsalves wrote.

The representative express thanks to BRAGSA, and more so for exclusively hiring local Labour, and working in partnership with the community.

Equipment on sight
Equipment on sight

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