Road Safety, A Major Concern At Coull’s Hill Road

Commuters and motorists on the  North Leeward Highway can expect improvements to the road network as work has commenced on several pieces of retaining wall on the Coull’s Hill Road.

Amidst continued safety concerns the government agency, BRAGSA, is aggressively pushing to have the stabilisation works completed by year end.

The work is seen as a temporary measure ahead of the larger proposal for slope stabilisation and realignment works for the area.

On Tuesday a team from BRAGSA along with Senator Carlos James conducted a site visit where construction work is rapidly advancing.

The compromised embankment at the Coull’s Hill site has been a major concern to motorists in North Leeward.

During the site visit Coull’s Hill villagers and commuters expressed gratitude to the government for several improvements to the road network in North Leeward.

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  1. I find it amazing that the author of this article didn’t find it necessary to mention any of the fatalities or accidents that may have occurred at that location. Yet he found it pertinent to highlight the fact that Carlos James was onsite. What exactly is James’ role again? What do the residents have to be grateful for exactly? The fact that they may not lose more family members at the same location?

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