Richland Park SDA Primary School Does “Four In A Row” At CPEA Exams

If you think that political parties alone can do Four In A Row, well think again, in the world of education Richland Park SDA Primary just did.

This year yet again the school had a 100 percent rate, and yes, this is the fourth straight year the school is doing so.

The school which opened its doors in 1945 sent fifteen students to the CPEA exams and returned with 100 percent passes, the students aged from 11- 12.

In the area of language, Josea Thomas took the top mark with 98.6 percent.

But not only are the teachers proud of all students, so are the parents of Andre Curtis Bowman 11yrs who took the top spot within the group of 15.

He came away with a 92.2 percent passing grade .

Andre told News784 that it feels good to know he became the top student from his school, he said his studies along with the help from his parents and teachers paid off.

Andre who also attends the Richland Park SDA Church said he is giving God all the praise.

Andre’s dad Pharmacist and Politician Curtis Bowman told News784 that he is praising God for the success which his son attained.

“ I feel very good and elated for his achievement in the CPEA exam, I would also like to express thanks to his teachers for being there for him leading up to the exams”.

Bowman expresses special thanks to his wife Anna Bowman for being the driving force behind Andre especially when he did not want to study.

“ I wish our son all the best as he closes one chapter and opens another one”, Bowman said.

The principal of the school Marva Hector told News784 that the students did an excellent job in making the institution proud.

“ This is the fourth year we are having 100 percent passes, I want to congratulate all eight teachers who worked very hard”.

The principal also expressed thanks to all parents who made sure that the children did the extra work at home.


  1. Congrats to sda my daughter did her last 3 years there’s and she did great before we migrate.. so I know how the teachers works congrats again to all students and teachers and the parents

    • From the heart of Mississippi, USA, congratulations to RLP SDA Primary school on its accomplishment. I’m proud of the legacy that the school is making and leaving. RLP, SVG my homeland.

  2. Congratulations to Andre, Anna and Curtis for this Hugh accomplishment! Congratulations to the SDA Primary school for keeping the standard of education high for all student! RLP SDA school have a legacy of always motivating their students to push themselves do do their best. As a student there many years ago was where I got my motivation to always strive for excellence! So proud of you Andre!!!

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