August 6, 2020

Richland Park Health Centre Staff Donates To The Needy

Members of the  Richland Park Health Centre including  Staff Nurse Jameil Bartholomew, Nursing Assistant Janieh Bobb, and Community Health Aide kathy Castello did their noteworthy annual intervention by distributing food baskets to some of the underprivileged and marginalized in the Richland Park District.

This year the Health Centre along with the Diabetic- Hypertensive Club brave the weather on Thursday afternoon to go house to house distributing some 27 food baskets.

The baskets consisted of foodstuff and toiletries; in 2017 the group delivered some 23 food baskets within the community.

Mr. Hector President of the Richland Park Diabetic- Hypertensive Group and StaffNurse Bartholomew

Donations were made by prominent persons around the community, businesses, and members of the Club itself.

The recipients were delighted. Indeed, some comments expressed were –” I am so thankful”, “God bless us”, “I am so happy “, they were overwhelmed with joy and jubilation.

The Club now boasts of 52 members will hold their next event, a Fun Day, on Wednesday 6th September 2017, where they will journey to Black Point located on the Windward side of the Island.

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