Regional Journalists On Fact-Finding Mission In Venezuela

Regional Journalists In Caracas

Journalists from six Caribbean countries will be in Venezuela for the next two days on a fact-finding mission to ascertain the facts as it pertains to the current political and humanitarian crisis in that South American nation.

From print to electronic media, countries with representatives include; St Vincent, St Lucia, Antigua, Trinidad, Barbados, and St Kitts.

Venezuela was formally admitted to the “axis of evil” or group of countries-objective of Washington since the decree of Barack Obama that criminalized the nation in 2015, declaring the Bolivarian Republic and unusual and extraordinary threat to the security of the United States.

The Geo-Political importance of Venezuela lies in the fact that during the years of Latin American progressive cycle, it emerged as an influential factor through its own strength, by forging relations through alliances and bodies such as ALBA – Petrocaribe, which served to leverage its energy, diplomatic and political agenda with a counter-hegemonic vision.

The regional journalist will also cover on Friday the board meeting of the bank of ALBA to be held in Caracas on February 22nd.