Reduction Of EC$3.8 million On Food Import Bill

This country has seen a reduction in its food import bill for the first six months of the year 2018.

The reduction of EC $ 3.8 Million was announced by Agriculture Minister Saboto Caesar in parliament last week.

Caesar said that the import value of food for the period June 30, 2018, was EC$119 million, which is a decrease of about 3 percent, from the EC$123 million for the comparative period in 2017.

The Minister also noted that his ministry is working to establish a production platform to reduce the importation of several commodities including spinach, broccoli, carrots, black eye peas and peanuts.

Caesar told parliament that a capital project needs to be put in place to address the importation of onions, garlic and English potatoes.

He urged Vincentians to buy local as he stated his dismay at the quantity of local produce not being harvested and consumed by citizens.

He urged Vincentians to practice more ‘import substitution’ to further reduce the food import bill.

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