Reduction In Prices For Cooking Gas

In exercise of the powers conferred by the Price and Distribution of Goods Act (CAP 161), the Governor-General makes the following Order effective immediately:

Maximum retail prices for LPG cylinders
LPG Area I Area II Area III Area 1V
20 lb $34.66 $35.66 $36.66 $39.66
25 lb $42.08 $43.08 $44.08 $47.08
100 lb $168.30 $168.31 $168.31 $189.31

Area I: Means areas within a radius of two miles of the court house, Kingstown (approximately Kingstown to Arnos Vale on the windward side and Kingstown to Lowmans Lwd on the Leeward side);

Area II: Means areas adjoin Area I extending from Area I North-East to Langley Park and North-West to Keartons including all areas lying between Langley Park and Keartons;

Area III: Means all areas on the mainland, other than those falling within Area I and II;

Area IV: means the Grenadines

Please be guided accordingly