Rabacca Park To Be Renamed The Joseph Chatoyer HeritagePark

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves speaking at the renaming of the South Leeward Highway to the Nelson Mandela Highway said there are persons who say;

“Why don’t we have other leaders, name things after them, and I agree with that and from St Vincent too”.

“We have named, we are the ones who have named Chatoyer as the national hero. You’re not going to get bigger than that”.

Gonsalves said the government has decided, and he has also seen the document prepared by the Honorable Attorney General to name the park at Rabacca the Joseph Chatoyer Heritage Park.

The Prime Minister noted that the renaming ceremony would be held on Emancipation day August 1st.

Gonsalves said the former government named schools, including CWP Prescott.

“We named the Thomas Saunders, we name named George Stephens, We named St Clair Dacon and JP Eustace, so there are several institutions which we have named”.

Gonsalves said there is also the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, the E.T Joshua airport among others, so the criticisms make no sense because we can find so many things named after local persons.

“But I ask you something when you’re looking about, can you think of any figure who is a global figure who touches and concerns us than Nelson Mandela”.

I believe not, said Gonsalves.

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