Quashie Obtains Commonwealth Scholarship To Pursue PhD In Politics

Emanuel Quashie is a symbol of hope and encouragement to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. He continually reminds us that no mountain is too high to climb and no challenge is too great to overcome as long as we remain committed to our goals and ambitions.

Many persons know his face, and there are many that will come to know his name, but not all will know his story of perseverance.

Being born to a mentally ill mother; growing up without a father; going to sleep hungry on the streets would be enough to make anyone give up, but not Emanuel.

Every obstacle put in his path was a chance for him to prove that he deserves more than the circumstances he was born to.

None of us has control over the life that is given to us, but we all have the power to decide how we live each day.

News7congratulatesate Emanuel Quashie for being selected as a recipient of a Commonwealth Scholarship to pursue his PhD in Politics at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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