Punish Family Members Back Home If You Want Political Change

You will have to start practising “tough love” if you want to see a political change back home, this was told to Vincentians living in the diaspora by Opposition MP Nigel Stephenson.

Stephenson was speaking to opposition supporters at a recent town hall meeting in North America when he made the plea.

“ If we really want change and I know you want a change I can hear the passion, you know have to practice a little bit of “tough love” because they are dependent at home, you send them money whenever they need it. But sometimes if you have a child and that child is disobedient you need to discipline that child”.

Stephenson told supporters that you don’t really give a child everything that a child wants.

“ If you apply that pressure back home and say listen this is the direction that I want you to go when you go to the polling station, this is the political party that I want you to support, and if they don’t do that, hard as it is it has to be harsh love, tough love”.

Stephenson said It is only when they feel, It is only when they experience the pain they would understand that must change direction.

“ You’re almost contributing 25 per cent of the gross national product please do something, help us get the message out”, he urges supporters.

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