“Lack Of Inaction By Principal,Police And MOE”

Press Release

The Union Island Secondary PTA Executive is dismayed at the lack of response and inaction by the Principal of the Union Island Secondary School, the Union Island Police and the Ministry Of Education with regards to the airing of a pornographic movie in a class by a young male teacher during school time.

Thus far evidence of witness tampering by the perpetrator and his mother who were involved in the botched investigation conducted by the Probation Officer have been gathered.

This matter will be at the top of the agenda at the next regular monthly PTA meeting carded for Monday 14th January 2019.

Several attempts were made to communicate with the Principal and Ministry Of Education Officials to get an update on the matter but these were futile up to press time.

A public town hall meeting is being planned for this Friday to keep the issue in the forefront until an appropriate resolution is arrived at in the interest and safety of our children.