Proud Moment For The Caribbean Says Minister Mckie

Photo VC3TV

In what a proud moment those were the words of Minister of Tourism Cecil Mckie at Wednesday’s press conference as welcome home soca star Gamal “ skinny fabulous” Doyle.

Mckie said it is not only a proud moment for SVG, Dominica, and Trinidad but for the entire Caribbean.

“ I really want to thank the trio and their Dominican producer Dada for doing the Caribbean really proud”, the minister said the nation is ready to take Famalay to the next level”.

Minister Mckie noted that both sides of parliament congratulated the trio for their accomplishment.

“ We heard from those before of the new benchmark which you have established, you have caught the attention of the people of Trinidad so much so that this song was over one hundred points ahead of its closest rival in terms of the road march title”.

Mckie said he hopes the rules would not be changed, because the people of T&T have accepted this kind of collaboration and once the people accept it, it means they would rebel if an attempt is made to change it.

Mckie said it would be a good thing to hear different artiste in our festivals, so this should encourage others to open up to collaborations in the region.

Also at the event was, Acting Prime Minister Montgomery Daniel and Finance Minister Camelo Gonsalves and Manager of the Tourism Authority Glen Beache