Post Mortem Results Confirmed Foul-Play In Shania Johnson's Death

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Shania Johnson, a 18 year old  Teacher of Biabou.

According to information, Johnson was reported missing on Saturday November 3, 2018 after she did not return home from a trip to Kingstown on Friday.

On Sunday 04th November 2018 about 6:50am her lifeless body was discovered along the roadside in Akers.

A Post-mortem was carried out on the body of the deceased on 6th November 2018. The result of post mortem is consistent with that of a homicide.

Foul -Play

It’s not a term of art in the law; rather, it’s a colloquial phrase for “illegal conduct,” and it’s designed to be nebulous, because it’s only used when there’s uncertainty surrounding a situation.

For example, when the evening news reports that a body was found at a home but foul play is not suspected, they’re just saying that they believe the death was due to natural causes.

The reporters don’t know what exactly what happened at this point, but they’re ruling out an unlawful demise.

Conversely, if someone disappears and reports are that “foul play is suspected,” that’s just a way of saying the person may have been murdered/abducted.