Positive response to tax amnesty

There has been a positive response by individuals and the business community, towards the tax amnesty implemented by the government.

The disclosure was made by Minister Camilo Gonsalves who says, the three-months tax amnesty which commenced on February 15, this year ends on May 15, 2018.

Minister of Finance, Camillio Gonsalves who announced the tax amnesty during his budget address says he was informed by the Comptroller of the Inland Revenue Department, that persons have been going to the department to have payment plans worked out.

Minister Gonsalves said that if the state can collect the taxes owed to it then there would not be a need for high taxes.

The Finance Minister explained that there is too high a level of non-compliance when it comes to persons paying their property taxes, particularly in the Grenadines.



  1. This problem would never be solved until a few bigwigs are sent to Belle Isle prison for at least 10 years for tax evasion. Unlike the First World where thousands of wealthy people are serving long prison sentences for robbing the treasury of taxes not paid, in little SVG this is unlikely to ever happen because there is no will to lock up generous party supporters.
    If it did happen, not only could VAT be reduced but also import duties, both of which are so high that poor people can harldy afford to buy anything bu the basics.

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