Portable Toilets From NDP Convention Force Closure of Greiggs Primary

The failure of the New Democratic Party (NDP) to remove two portable toilets used at their convention, held at the Greiggs Primary School on Sunday, June 3rd, 2018, forced education officials to close the school for the past two days.

Parents, students and teachers of the Greiggs Primary School are in an uproar over the situation which they consider gross neglect and disrespect.

The NDP had received authorization from the Ministry of Education to use the facility for their convention rally.

The Ministry of Education advised that the students be sent home to avoid any possible health issues because of the stench caused by the two portable units.

The toilets were still at the premises when this article was published.

News784 was informed that the Opposition NDP had been contacted about the issue.

Parliamentary Representative, Saboto Caesar, when contacted on the matter noted, “Such negligence is a disgrace, my concern is the wellbeing of the students, parents and teachers, they cannot disrespect South Central Windward like that!”


  1. This is so disgraceful and irresponsible!!!
    TWO DAYS LATER???????
    Really begs a lot of questions as far as the NDP is concerned!!!!

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