Pope and Williams Graduate From I-Shou University Medical School

Left :Andre David Williams Right: Raphique Aurian Pope

Two Vincentians are now qualified in the field of medicine after their recent completion of studies at I-Shou University Medical School in Taiwan.

Andre David Williams and Raphique Aurian Pope, graduated on Saturday 3rd June 2017, and are now holders of a Medical Degree.

Williams a resident of Calder and Pope a resident of Campden Park both entered I-Shou University Medical School in 2013, pursuing studies for four years.

Pope told News784 that the first two years involved Basic Science, while the last two years of the program himself and Williams did Clinicals at the E-Da Hospital in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Upon returning to St Vincent,  Pope and Williams will do their internship at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital to complete their training.

Both students studies were made possible through the Taiwan ICDF program.    By Ernesto Cooke

left: Williams right: Pope in Graduation Gowns: Photo credits Raphique Aurian Pope