Political Opponents Wants St Vincent Prime Minister Assassinated

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves says his political enemies locally in unison with foreign agents are getting desperate and wants him dead by any means necessary.

Gonsalves told his supporters on Sunday at the party’s national convention that he obtained such information will on recent government business overseas.

“They say they want my scalp,  it is now a personal matter, because the ULP stop them along with SCL from winning in 2001 – 2015.

Gonsalves said he spoke to people, who had conversations with agents of SCL and individuals who wants to sell St Vincent passport”

“They say that the main man in relation to hindering such prospect is Ralph Gonsalves, so it is now personal”.

Gonsalves said he long suspected that and they will get another chance come 2020, or whenever the next election is called.

Gonsalves told supporters that there are some financiers of the NDP along with some crazies and fanatics, who not only want to remove Ralph, but they are looking for anything to jail him.

“I am telling you some even want to kill me, and am not saying that lightly, well you cannot beat me in an election because the people not going to allow you”.

“You can’t jail me because i’m not breaking the law, in any case is a court will have to jail me, and since am doing nothing wrong, illegal, you can’t jail me, but you can dream”.

Gonsalves say however he is mortal, and they can get him.

He told party supporters recently NDP followers were celebrating the release of a man that went to jail for all sorts of things.

“You know, they start this thing about ten years ago, there is this man who NDP wants to proclaim as some kind of “Gorgon”, you know the police here came to me with a allied foreign agency, and told him so and so was recruiting a Puerto Rican to Kill you”.

Gonsalves said the person who was making the arrangement was someone from the Dominican Republic whom the security agents were tracking because he was released from jail in New Jersey, and deported to the Dominican Republic.

“I told both the police and the foreign agents you all watch too much spy movies, to which they told me, Prime Minister we are serious”.

Gonsalves further noted that the foreign agents played a recording where he heard the voice of the man from SVG.

“I heard him telling the DR citizen, yes I heard about that man from Puerto Rico, I hear he does a clean job, I want him to do a clean job of Ralph”.

Gonsalves said they are getting desperate, noting that it is not easy to be in opposition for 18yrs and after 2020 elections another 5 years.

Gonsalves told supporters that his opponents are mistaken in their beliefs.

“They believe ULP is Ralph, well I got news for them, the party is bigger than Ralph and the teachings which Ralph have put forward for the last 20yrs  and more in the country, will stand the test of times to keep such people from ever being associated to come to office”.


  1. No one I am sure wants this trickster dead. He makes and repeats this outburst year after year in the search for sympathy! When a man is ungodly, he will tell any amount and all forms of lies, in order to esteem and glorify himself in the eyes of others. This man is already thoroughly washed-up!

    For what its worth, in my opinion, the people of SVG have waited and suffered at Ralph Gonsalves hands for a considerable length of time now, so I as an individual, am sure that they could endure their sufferings a little while longer, as God himself carts the man away to his allotted place and thereby bring an end to all of his shenanigans and dirty tricks, just as he has dome with Chavez and Castro before him.

    • If the past four elections are any indication, and regardless of the record of this government which has not been good, the ULP will win five in a row in 2020.

      Why? The NDP will not be ready in 2020 just as they were not ready in the past.

      This ULP has won over and over not because of its greatness but because the NDP is made up of a bunch of hopeless losers.

  2. Talk about paranoid! Since he told us he is appointed by God he should have nothing to fear. He also told us his son is like Jesus so there is more protection.
    I wish he would cut the games and propaganda and start building the economy and provide opportunity for the people instead of throwing them crumbs like building supplies. He also needs to cut back on the luxury lifestyle for the big ULP operatives while most of the population remains jobless.

    • If he had a clue about the economics it would have been fixed already. After almost twenty years in power, the facts speak for themselves; SVG is not better off. Very slowly people are waking up to the fact that the man is a total sociopath. Even the government house is slowly falling down for lack of maintenance. He probably wants to …. himself.

  3. Reading the above bombast from P.M Gonsalves, it is poignant to note some of what he there had to say, note; “…well you cannot beat me in an election because the people not going to allow you”.

    My question to Ralph is this, if he is so confident of that, that he cannot be beaten in an election, why then is he there fighting tooth and nail to keep those unresolved matters pertaining to the last election well out of our Judicial Courts, and the casted ballots thoroughly hidden from judicial inspection?

    Surely such unyielding, obdurate behaviour from Ralph, are not what one would expect from a profoundly confident individual? Moreover, in his own opinion, he cannot be jailed, and such was the personal opinion of one Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, former president of Brazil, until he too found himself behind secure bars in his own country.

    Ralph Gonsalves should keep in mind also that which Abraham Lincoln once had to say to all political cheats, swindlers and tricksters, quote; “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

    Indeed P.M Gonsalves may write the laws, skate around and between them but neither he nor his family and friends, most surely, will be above them.

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